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Seneschal Glorfindel of Rivendell (goldenelf) wrote,
@ 2003-03-26 19:03:00
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    police business
    *grits teeth* That... that elf is just vile! She has hurt poor Estel. That is the greatest offense, but she has also seen fit to threaten Lord Elrond and the Last Homely House. AND she has manipulated the truth. This is an elf with no conscience. She cares not about how she hurts other people, hiding her cold, scheming heart behind a pretty face, and a smile of calculating evil.

    There are all sorts of press people nosing about my police station, asking impertinent questions. I've instructed all my guards to go with the standard response of "no comment." However, Officer Caila -- the elf who claims the Lady Galadriel traumatized him when she broke Estel out -- worries me a bit. He's been a little... off about the whole thing. It makes me think that he may have fallen under the dubious charms of Ms Elfingstone when he was guarding her cell.

    Also, as if all this weren't enough, a shop in downtown Imladris was the victim of arson! At first it was assumed that one of Mithrandir's fireworks had gone off course and set the shop ablaze, but further investigation shows that it was deliberate and malicious arson. The shop, which specialized in sexual entertainments, was utterly destroyed. Fortunately, no one was hurt. I have some of my detectives on it right now and I'm confident we'll solve this case.

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