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Stacey (goddess_s) wrote,
@ 2004-02-02 00:01:00
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    hectic week
    It's been forever since I last wrote, just cos my week has been so hectic I've had no time to even think about the computer lab.

    Lets see, let me fill you in on what I've been up to this week....

    First years athletics.. I'm on the sports committee so we got these shirts to wear which are really cool and sweat bands which have AD printed on them.
    They day was pretty much as boring as hell, we were trying to look for 1st year talent but found none!!!!
    Everyone I saw I invited them to Jamacaians (Karl & I had decided yest that today we were gonna go big and we picked Jamacians as it's in walking distance)
    So then we went to the bottle store & Joe & I brought wine... back at res we started playing some drinking games for a bit... when we eventually got to Jamacians we got stuff to drink a guy hooked us up with a table. We were all just talking and then started playing ‘I have never ever’ now if you havn't played this game, this is how you play it: you start a statement off with ‘I have never ever’ and then you add on a bit, like ‘I have never ever kissed more then one person in one night!’ and if you have you take a sip of your drink... this is a very interesting way to find out stuff about people... like I found out that Karl has kissed someone in my circle of friends... but he told me not to tell.. so my lips are sealed. Except when I saw this person I SO wanted to ask them or say something about it... but I didn’t (I dunno how)

    It's so nice with Karl.. we are such good friends, we tell each other almost everything and I trust him so much..he is my best guy friend... hope it's likewise, we did take a toast to best friends!?!?!

    It was so cool they gave us like 2 Smirnoff bottles of drink free (I think it was either fishbowl or liquid cocaine) but it went down real well & real fast...
    Then after we were finished there we decided that we wernt tired and that we wanted to do something else (we being Karl & I ) so I said I have alchol in my fridge and I have hubbly so lets do that.. so then Karl, Shaun, & I went to get the stuff and then on to karls room!!! It was so cool, we were just chillin on Karls floor smoking and drinking... it was awesome. We were having shots of Nordic Ice, which were nasty but we still drank them... hehe!!
    Oh yea, seen as I do kinda (sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t) like karl it was cool cos we were passing smoke!!! Hence kinda, sorta, prob not really in others eyes, but you could say we ‘kissed’ a big step in our relationship... hehe!!!
    So then cos we were trashed outta our minds karl was lying on the bed so I lay next to him and we like fell asleep then a little while later we got up, shaun slept on the floor, and got under the blankets and turned off the lights and slept. It was quite nice, except I was lying on my side and I think the blood circulation was cut off to my hand.

    So got back to Amperdaar this morning at about 7:30 and went straight to bed. Woke up a few times, but more or less slept till bout 1ish. Then got dragged off to movies. We watched Gothika which was real good...
    Then later it was time to hit the fever (aka. Nitefever) had a flippen awesome time. Rae was with Billa again. BIG SHOCK for the evening was Lisa & Warren kissed!!!! But it was so funny cos they were talking how they don’t like each other and how they don’t find each other attractive, so they just pulled.... hehehe!! The funniest was that when I told Rach to look she said to me ‘don’t worry Stacey, it's ok, she doesn’t like him’ it was so funny I couldn’t help but laugh at her!!! Other then that nothing to exciting happened!!! Just a all round fun evening tho!!!

    I registered for classes today, it so cool I don’t have classes on mon or fri.... awesome!!!!
    Then we were gonna go to Monsoon Lagoon. But we wernt that keen so we decided not to go. Rae came back from Waterpolo and then she was like she was quite keen to go. Then Ateeyah came and was like come come come!!!!! So of coarse they convinced me, but we wanted to go while it was still free!! So I got dressed (I didn’t wear 1 item that belonged to me!!! White pants- Rachel’s pink top- Joanne’s White shoes- Rachel’s!!!!)
    Then we left to go there!! When we got there I saw this guy that looked familiar, then rach said hi! So I asked who that was she said Andrew. I think I used to swim with him??? I think I used to like him???
    We got in but we missed free entrance time so Ateeyah paid for Rach & I, which at res she said she would, but we really felt bad but she wouldn’t take our money. Then when when we were in we surprised Derryn cos she didn’t know that we were commin. Then Rae & I went to the loo & when we came back Atee brought us a drink!! That girl is the sweetest EVER!!!!
    It was flippen awesome. Brandon was there and he was being so nice.
    It was a real cool nite.

    Went to go watch the 1st years concert. Karl’s brother was a stripper in his play... damn that boy is fine!!!!
    Then straight after that we went to Blue Goose, just Rae & I went cos the others were tired. So we pulled straight through. We (of coarse) immidiatly got drinks... got some St Clairs wine and just chilled. Then we started playing some drinking games.. just chillin & Chatting the whole night. Then we went to Cats so Ryan & Duran could get something to eat. Then back to RAU and we all chilled by the pool for awhile.
    Then Rae & I went to my room, we had a little something to eat! And then we both ended up passing out on my bed.. with curtains open, lights on. Woke up at like 8 in the morn & rae went to her room and we both slept more!!

    Watched the 1st years concert again but all in all, it was a chilled night!!! Needed it tho!!!

    This whole week I did not go to bed once before 3am. What a fantastic week.
    Could prob do with a off week but hey... next week is RAG week!!!! PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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