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Stacey (goddess_s) wrote,
@ 2004-01-04 23:16:00
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    Current mood: excited
    Current music:Rasmus

    Well back from holiday...
    And it was a miserable day today.... I like the sun and sea at Durban!!!

    So lets see I took the Greyhound bus down there. I really hoped that rach wouldn’t regret inviting me for some reason. Or hav had a better time with Nicky (the girl she was on holiday with before me) so when I arrived Rach had made a sign that said


    It was very cute!!
    Then that night we went out for Chineese with the pallies (the chineese people that we knew that were there) that was fun. They were trying to teach rach and i some chineese words which didn’t quite work....only kinda learnt 1. after chineese we went to visit some of rachels friends that she had met when she was with Nicky.

    we got up lank early (7:30) and got dressed had brekkies and then went down to the beach...yea!didnt swim in the sea cos there were blue bottles. Then we went back to rachels flat and got ready cos we were gonna go to Gavin (one of the pallies that goes to res with Rach & I and also went to school with Rach) [oh yes incase you wondering why we call chineese people pallies it's cos in the guys res’s they get nick names and his in Paljas and Karl kinda shortened it to Pallie G or just Pallie and it kinda stuck] so we went there for lunch. I braided Rachels hair with the help of someone else which took about 2 hours. We then had a braai for lunch. Rach and I were the only ones drinking and there were quite a few kids so we felt a little odd and only had 1. then we went swimming and then were surprised when we had another braai there for dinner. Then we went to visit Roger & Troy ( Rachels friends)

    we slept in till bout 10ish and then went down to join Rachels mom on the beach. We tanned for a while and had a swim in the sea. then we went over to Gavins and he and I went to swim and Rach went to sleep.
    When we came back & Rach woke up we went back to the flat and Gavins mom told us we were commin over for dinner and we were like OK??? So we told her mom and se didn’t know anything about it.
    It started raining and then Rach and I decided to have a shower in the rain ( in our cozies) it was so funny!!!
    Then we had a proper shower and went over to the Pallies for dinner. Which was very nice.
    Rach and I then went to Rodger and Troys place to visit. And we watched a movie there.

    Just went to the beach and chilled the whole day. It was cool cos they were having entertainment on the beach so we got to watch competitions and listen to music. For dinner we had a braai which was really nice.
    Then we took our bottle of sourz and went to Rodgers place we were gonna go out to Sub-Zero ( a club there) and Rach and I were SO amped to dance. But cos of a storm the lights were out... but came back on.
    When we got to Rodgers we chilled for a bit and then the lights went out... for freaken long so we never went to Sub-Zero which we were pretty bummed about. We walked home in the dark which was actually pretty scary!!! When we got home we were bored so Rach & I phoned a few people. I phoned Tim (now let me explain Tim is Melissas ex-boyfriend who she had major issues with cos we were such good friends, and she always thought we were flirting or something-who knows) so we spoke for a little bit cos havn't spoken to him FOREVER.

    got a msg from Tim this morn sayin he had a dream bout me. So I was like ooh was it a erotic one hey!!! So he was like yea! And I was like what happened so he said we were in the shower together and rubbing each othe from head to toe.. so I told him I knew he missed me.....hehe!!!
    went to the beach today. We still didn’t have any new years plans. So we were thinking of going to Umghlanga cos we got a few invites to go there even tho it was pretty far. So I mentioned it & Rach thought it was cool that we invite Joanne, Derryn & Ian to come to Balito and stay by Rach. They said it was cool. Only later we found out there were 5 of the, not 3. but it was fine. So we chilled on the beach for the rest of the day.
    That evening we went to dinner at a very coulerfull restaurant.
    Then Joe & them came over and we all got ready and then took a walk down to the beach. There were so many people on the beach we found a pozzie and chilled there. We wanted to go to the loo but the line was FREAKEN long so Rach and I went down the walk and squatted. It was quite funny. Rach & I were drinking staunch drinks. At about 12 we opened the champagne and shook it to spray everyone, although trying to hide (manly behind Rach) I think I was the wettest. Then got wet with Ians champagne and then with whatever some guy was holding that he decided to throw at us.
    So started the New Years off with a good financial start. I picked up R120 off the floor. AWSOME!!!!! So broght everyone food.

    So woke up bout 10ish and then had a nice brekkies. Hen went down to the beach. It was a fab day!!! Swam. Had so much fun in the sea with Rach, dez & Joe. Was really nice havin them there!!! Brought the crew some drinks & Rae something to eat.
    Had a fantastic day and them the peoples left and Rae & I just chilled and went to bed earlyisy

    came home today after a fantastic day!!! So glad I got to go to Durbs. have a bit of a an, but hoped it would be better...

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