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Stacey (goddess_s) wrote,
@ 2003-12-22 22:24:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:fame

    my weekend
    Well lets see… went to Durban for the weekend. Which I thought was gonna be full of tanning, swimming in the sea…….. Boy was I wrong. The weather was just not cool. Fri we got there, & just unpacked. Then Denny & Rick came over and we had crab curry for dinner (well the parents did, Jacqui & I had Lasagna) . then Jacqui & I went to movies, we saw Love Actually which was SO good. Really one of those feel good movies. Makes you think about a lot of things. (like how many people are in love with me….Just jokes)

    Sat then we woke up and went to lunch at the life savers club with Pop & Hillary. Then we didn’t go to the beach cos it was overcast. So we just walked up to the shops. Found myself a cozzie. It's a red one it's cute, if I might say so myself, it kinda looks like a baywatch suit…hehe! Then went to gateway walked around and only brought a top. Met up with Rachel there…damn that chick is freaken brown!!! I look like an albino next to her.
    Had dinner with Denny & Rick again & then Jacqui & I went to go watch another movie. We watched Dirty Pretty Things which was quite good.

    Sun we were up pretty early and we went to the Flea Market. And on our way there it started raining…. GREAT!!! The day was pretty uneventfull. I just brought karl a head band thingie…
    Then it was off to lunch with Denny & Rick.
    Dinner was with Pop & Hillary and then we watched 2 movies: The Emperors Club & 28 Days later.

    Today we got up 5am and slep the way home. When we got home we unpacked and then swam and tanned!!it was hotter then Durban!!!
    Then had a awesome dinner cooked by Jacqui.
    Now just writin in my journal & gonna go to bed!!

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