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Mimi (goddess_gemini) wrote,
@ 2004-09-17 11:26:00
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    Current mood: sick
    Current music:Powerman 5000

    I hate being sick....
    This past Wednsday when I went to group theropy 2 new members showed up and one of them was TRACY. I flipped my lid while I sat there. I just wanted to pound her face into the fucking pavement. I couldn't believe it! They want me to take another group theropy class called DBT, but it's usually for people who have M.P.D. (Multiple Personality Disorder) and I don't have that! It's a 2 1/2 hr class for 6 months, and I refuse. I don't want to take 2 classes.

    I've come down with some sort of chest/nose cold and it's really gotten on my nerves. If I haven't gotten rid of it by the end of the week I'll be taking a visit to the doctor's office. *sigh* I didn't sleep well at all last night, so I stayed home today. I took a nap for several hours yesterday, and woke up at 8 P.M. I was hoping to be back in bed by 10 but wasn't tired. By 1 am I was asleep- then woke up at 1:33 and did several more times to pee, and wasn't sleeping solidly until 5 am. *LOL* I've got some catching up on school work next week.

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