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Mimi (goddess_gemini) wrote,
@ 2004-08-31 00:28:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:Maroon 5

    A long day it was..
    Today Chris' dad took the 2 of us fishing out in the sound for the day. We didn't catch anything but slight sunburns (one of my arms got more sun than the other); however, it was still fun *LOL*. I'd never knew what the pee pee dance was until today. I had to wiz so damn bad and I filled a 1 leter bottle full then half way in one sitting because I'd held it for so long. *LOL* Then when I finally DID get the chance to take a piss I had to force it out; because, it WOULDN'T come out on it's own! PUNISHMENT FOR HOLDING IT SO LONG! Taking a piss on the boat in front of your boyfriends dad- pure joy *LOL*.

    AS of lately I've taken up a new hobby... Being a bitch to Chris' ex. This is only; because, she doesn't get the message that she needs to leave the past alone and move on with her life- and it gets on my nerves.. I want to squash her like a fucking bug.. I hear her name and I shudder. She won't leave him a lone- she likes to play what I call "dissappearing" acts and then bug him for a while. If she doesn't stop I'll beat it into her with words. She's such a nut- I'll NEVER understand what he saw in that girl.

    On a lighter note: I guess Chris' dad wanted to go fishing again tomorrow- but it won't be happening; because, of Chris' sun burn. It'd be nice to go and burn my other arm *LOL*. I'll be trying my best to nurse him back to good health tomorrow if he comes and picks me up. His sunburn made him a little sick- which sucks, I was hoping he'd be feeling like himself by now. Before you know it I'll be sick..

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