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Megan (gnrgal1331) wrote,
@ 2004-02-22 18:53:00
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    i cant believe this is still only my second entry *rolls eyes*
    Hi everyone.....i know i have been horrible at keeping this up and i appologise. Things have been a little hectic lately and i have some spare time so ill try to make up for it now! I dont really do too much during the day therefore not too many exciting things happen. the only exciting things that have happened lately are andy getting a job and i am pregnate. Im quite excited about both (obviously one more than the other) so money will be less of a problem soon. I just cant wait to see my friends and family again it feels like it has been so long. I actually find that im forgetting things. Like the other day i was looking through some photos i have and i actually forgot dan had gotten a new car. i had to really think about it and i remembered her smash and ofcourse elvis (if thats what she still calls it) so i find myself just thinking about everyone more and more and looking forward to coming home. but on a brighter note...(as i wipe my face)
    Andys new job is bus driving which he has a special lisence for so thats a good thing. it also means he will be making more money than he would at a normal job, which means things will definately be looking up for us quite soon. Another big plus about the job is in the summer he gets to go away for a week at a time on scottish tours of golf courses and castles and that...( i know you are probably thinking i am a horrible person for wanting him to go on these but just let me finish ok?) which will be cool because i get to go too. :D yay for us!! its like a vacation within a vacation. So this summer should be interesting to say the least.
    And how could i finish off a journal entry without talking about my baby. I dont know what it is going to be yet....boy ......girl......but i guess it really doesnt matter as long as it is healthy. i have some pretty persuasive dreams sometimes though...only thing is i have dreams that persuade me both ways so i just get more and more confused. Today i went to see Gene and Bert which is andys grand parents. 5 of us went andy and me, sandie(andys mom....or excuse me ..mum) Fiona (andys sister) and Heather (andys other sister) i dont think anyone really likes going there but me i have a great time everytime we go and everyone else is piled on the couch bored stiff. i love them both i mean obviously they arent the most exciting people ive ever met bt comeon a change of scenery every now and again would be nice. Anyway we just told them today that i am pregnate....funny...i showed her the ultra sound picture and she instantly said....oh thats nice....and i said can you make it out and she said no....:D no problem though because i wouldnt be able to tell which way it was if the doc hadnt told me.
    so i guess thats about it for today i should be able to write more next sunday...if i remember:D
    love everyone loads cant wait to see you again *kiss kiss*

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