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In Your Eyes.. (glassxhearted) wrote,
@ 2005-02-12 11:11:00
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    Current mood:flirty
    Current music:boulevard of broken dreams - greenday

    so much f'n fun
    ha.. last night went to the mall widd beautiful violet. and i saw madd friggen ppl i havent seen in soo long. i saw kris resendes n marc leandro. i got a hug from kris =). then i saw someone i havent seen for like what 8 months. douglas! ha cute jersey by the by. lol it was cool i only talked to him for like a few cuz he was goin to go do something n i needed to find danny. like.. NOW. well like then but styll. lol cuz coley sed that danny sold her some fake shyt and then josh and bobby damon got in this and im like oh fuk no. so i found danny before they cud. ha cuz im cool like that and have danny senses. and i didnt want ne thin to happen to danny. and then i ended up hangin out widd danny like the rest of the night. and shyt was like wayy outta place lol cuz of all the fighting and shyt going on.. and then i had this gurl.. jelisa or however u spell it. shes soo friggen awesome shes like oh my fukin god these liddal white boys have messed widd the wrong portorican lol. i was like ya i got my money on her! lol. and wen bobby n some kidd came over to us they wanted danny and jelisa was like.. oh sure pick the whitest boy here to fukin widd haha im like nah i think bobby got danny beat widd the white boy shyt haha hmm what else happened.. haha josh tried to take a picture of me so i ran away lol. i hateee pictures lol i shudda taken one cuz well i looked oh so hot huh. lol oh yarrr. ya well im out cuz im guna talk to my colakins. ha i like that name... im talkin bout coley if u wantd to kno. haha well im outttt peace<3

    im soo friggen happy about last night. =)

    oh and i saw dj. he was surprised that i sed hi to him after i sed i hated him and never wanted to talk to him again. i didnt really mean it but i was mad and things have changed widd me and him.

    r.i.p dj conrad. 2 months alreayd baby i miss you n love you forever

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