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In Your Eyes.. (glassxhearted) wrote,
@ 2005-01-14 17:58:00
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    yaa.. well school sucks and so does this shythole town..i wanna go home.. i miss my friends. =( well its been one month and 3 days sense dj died... i still miss him and i cry each and every single night thinkin of him. his birthday is next wedesday. im guna go visit his grave. im not guna wanna leave. my dad says im dwelling on it to much well i dont think i am. i really loved this kidd after all and he was basically my only damn friend in this town. i have many friends but.. he was just different. i hate living my life without him. i just cant take it. and now i gota deal widd frankies shyt now to. which SUCKS. he hates everyone in the naberhood now. and i told him i dont give a fuck and for him to leave cuz hes not wanted or liked very much here either. of course i dont mean that but he doesnt kno that. i just wish somethin cud happen to me. cuz im sure thats what hes been wishin for. me instead of dj. i kno thats a "stupid" thing to say but u guys just have no fukkin ideaa. today on the bus mike sed somethin about when he gets his license hes guna hit a tree and die and me and nikki snapped like so bad we were screamin at him and we started crying. cuz thats what happened to dj and u cant fuckin say taht shyt.. expecially around someone that has known him for like ever and around someone that wanted to spend their life with him. its like wtf. lol ive never sworn so much in my life. i friggen miss dj and its been a month and im kinda realizing he IS gone and i CANT change it. and i wish i cud. oh god i wish i cud.just one more fuckiinn night with him.. its all i askk.. =(

    well im guna go.. die?


    by the way me and joey are broken up because he fuckin cheated on me.. after fuckin 7 months.. wtf is that shyt god i hate guys like that. ughh fuckkk that no one can fuckin play me and get away widd shyt like that.. HELL NOO...

    Doug.. your so wonderful to me and uve brought meaning into my life and im so glad i met you a yr and a half ago. youve helped me through so much i lovee youu <33

    i love violettt shes alwyas guna be my best and truest friend. anyone fucks widd her they guna get stabbed, and shut the fuck downnn bitch.

    go to that.. thats djs website.. go to tributes. im on page two. obviously where it says steph. <33

    ...he was soo truly amazing...
    .....why the fuk did it have to be him...
    .......this shyt surely sucks....

    <|3 <|3



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