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amphetamine (glasscandie) wrote,
@ 2004-02-02 13:03:00
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    pray your life was just a dream, the cut that never healed...
    Today has been a day of pain.

    When I was little, like, 6 or 7, my dad took my sister and I to a driving range at a golf course. My sister, being the moron that she is, slammed me in the face with a metal golf club - gave me a pretty bad concussion and chipped my front tooth. Fun fun fun. Anyway, so I had the tooth fixed awhile ago, but the filling started chipping, so I had to go get it re-done today. On top of the horrible novacaine shot ON THE ROOF OF MY MOTHERFUCKING MOUTH (ow), my dentist had to drill away the old filling and that hurt like a mother. Jesus. Now I have a fixed tooth, but it's really sore. Grr. It's like, throbbing.

    Also went and got my eyebrows waxed for the first time in, oh...three or four months. lol. That wasn't too much fun, either. Who knew eyebrows could grow so much so quickly. :)

    Started telling people that Dmitry and I were engaged. Let's see...

    Mom - supportive surprisingly, trusted that I was capable of making the decision
    Dad - oh FUCK no...we're not telling HIM until like, the morning of the wedding lol
    Caitlin - supportive, but more excited that we could get stationed in Guam and she could go surfing
    Em - sort of supportive, but she's a feminist, so i don't think she'll ever support marriage
    Shannon - not quite sure if she supports us or not, but i guess so
    Uncle Billy - can't wait to get drunk at the reception
    my dentist - just said congratulations...i don't really think he gives a flying fuck, though
    Dmitry's recruiter - all excited about the kids aspect...blah :)

    It's also nice to know that we have the support of the Galaxy diner staff haha

    Can't remember if we told anyone else, I guess everyone will know when I finally get the ring...AHEM. :)

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