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Me!!! (glaciercrow) wrote,
@ 2012-04-15 13:14:00
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    okay -
    that's it - my forearms genuinely are getting worse. Used to be I could stretch my fingers back and off I could go again. Now it's deep heating rub, massages or a roller and continuous stretching for some relief. Now I will wake up with tight arms and stretch them out, only to have to do it again any time I can get a chance. Instead of every once in a while, this is getting to be regular behavior for pain relief.


    Not only that, but the sharp stabbing pains are more frequent and now I'm starting to get them in two places at once. Yesterday after Lisa left, Boo and I were getting ready to leave and I got a sharp stabby across the top of my right foot. Then while at costco with Blain, I got another on the inside of my thigh on my left leg. First time I've had one there and for whatever reason, when it's in a first time place, it is the most extreme!! So yesterday between my forearms after work and those sets of stabby pains, it was not a pleasant day for my body. I know, it can be much worse and I remind myself of that constantly. And I don't know what I did to my left shoulder.... I did something to it, too. Probably sleep on it wrong.

    Enough whining. Just documenting what is going on. So glad my pain is not chronic. It's short lasting or can be relieved by massage for the time being. Just annoying.

    Whatever is going on with my arms, I have to work until that mortgage is paid off, or at least the car.

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