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Me!!! (glaciercrow) wrote,
@ 2012-04-05 20:36:00
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    What a Wednesday...
    Started off with having to call upstairs and have the server rebooted. Then I went to fulfill a busy day with Brad in the darling little "Room F". The morning was manageable. Then lunch was a Fisherman's Memorial Board Meeting. I have to get a hold of Larry and see if he wishes to participate in the Blessing ceremony. I'm waiting for a message back from him on FB. Then back for an afternoon of hell. We were 90 minutes behind after the first hearing!! We spent the rest of the afternoon taking hearings as close to in order as we could and get back on schedule. So we ended up finishing the hearings about a half hour behind and I fled the building, leaving behind a stack of files and untouched tags to do today. We had crying moms losing babies, and adoptees who moved from the state crying because we're not sure we can grant the adoption to a non-resident. We had the wife saying her marriage can't be saved, they hadn't talked to each other since 1997 except to do this paperwork now!!! Wide variety... wide variety.

    So Boo dropped me off at home and drove off to the store. That was weird, getting out of my car at home and not parking it. So took Hazel out and then she came back for me. Off to her place we went. I put ZZ asleep on my shoulder and then TJ arrived with Mason (good heavens that boy is getting big!) and Rayah. Then Sara called. Boo told her I would call her back. Then she hung up the phone and said "Sara didn't sound good, mom, you should call her back now." So I passed ZZ off to TJ. She woke up, took one look at Mason and started crying, then looked at who was holding her and started crying even more at seeing TJ. I teased Boo that all the white skin scared her.

    Then went outside to call Sara back. Can I come get her, she apparently can't stay at home and can't have her car. So I went to get her, and ended up with all three of the girls: Sara, her baby Hannah, who is 4 and her oldest, Rheannon, who is 11 or 12. Took them to Boo's. TJ got me in the kitchen and talked to me about Rayah for a minute. Then he gave me a big hug and started crying. I told him he can call me at any time of the day or night. So he took the kids home and I cleaned up the kitchen, then loaded up Sara and the girls. They hung out in the kitchen while I got the futon folded down and the clothes picked up off the floor.

    Got them settled in, then made myself a bed by the glass doors with the rubber mattress top and my prized sleeping bag. Sara came up at one point crying from her husband's phone call. Was a long night for her and the girls and Gina. And apparently for Paul as he kept hanging up on her and then calling her back.

    What a Wednesday.

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