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Love me for who I am. (givemethestars) wrote,
@ 2004-01-03 16:35:00
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    a new year...
    Wow, so i havent written in this thing in a long time, since i use my xanga so much now, i dont even think anyone reads this, but since its a new year, i shall write a little something. Well, for starters, my new years eve was pretty fun, i was at disney with meghan, so it was a good time. i made some resolutions, not that i EVER keep them, but hey its worth a try, here we go...
    1. Become a really good driver by april, so my parents trust me enough to get my liscense and car, and be able to drive on my own.
    2. Actually do my homework this semester, instead of coming home everyday and sitting in front of the computer.
    3. Make new friends, but keep my close friends as well.
    4. Be more helpful to people
    5. Get a job, that i actually like, and can stick with for a while
    6. Go somewhere new, and different over the summer
    7. STOP SPENDING SO MUCH MONEY ON CLOTHES (this is going to be the hardest one)
    8. Fall in love, and stay in it
    and i think thats about it. i hope everyone has a great 2004!!

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