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__gis3y__ (gisey143) wrote,
@ 2003-08-10 19:47:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:colt 45

    . . .there was this blind man rite? n he was feeling his way down the street with his stik. . . he walked pass this fihmarket n took a deepbreath n said. . .GOOD MORNING LADIES!!. . .ok, im just starting to figure this out. if ur a friend of mine that wants to write bak to wat i wrote all u gotta do is press wea it says "Blu3 Fantasii" n u can rite watever u want to me. . . basicly thats all u gotta do. if u wanna see my blurty friends o mii calender clik 4 it at the top. . . dont sho much but im new at this so just b patient. well, not much happened today. . .i stayed home 'as usual' n ate 'as UNusual' i was lookin forward to a nite alone but gianni took the only good n workin car so i got stuk w/ my mom n frank! grrr! i cant wait till tuesday. . .i go shopping for skool! yay! finaly ive been wanting to go bak to skool for the longest. . i cant wait till i go to buy my shoes! well i also saw lupe today for the alst tym in 3 months. . . im really gonna miss her wile shes at boot camp 'good luck lupe! ill miss u' for the marines. but i guess ill see her wen she gets bak 'on my birthday!!' nuttin much else but that n im workin on yet another web page for muself n hopefully ill finish jessis jeannies n giannettes. well ore just called so ill write bak later on.

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