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__gis3y__ (gisey143) wrote,
@ 2003-08-22 14:00:00
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    Current mood: scared
    Current music:musiq soulchild' half crazy

    shopping times n boring days. .
    sry long tym no talk but there was no fone to get online with. . not much happened n e way. i went shoppin for shoes to wear t skool n i got 2 pairs of rebok iversons. 1 pair is all wite n the other one is wite n babyblu. . der cute but now i need blak shoes. . n they were pretty cheap 2. . $120 all together. the day after that. . on wensday. . hell froze over n i had 2 go to the stupid freakin keys with giannette aka balls n mi dad. . i had a horable tym! i got sick n couldnt go to sleep i was hungry i was tired i had mosquito bites the size of ppl's noses!! im never going back there. n the stupid dog wouldnt stop bitin n barkin n runin all over the place!1 ugh! i hated it! but its over thank god n im bak at home in CLEAN clothes n i can take a shower with HOT water n actually have space to move around n walk somewhere. alot more happened but its 2 boring to talk about. today im happi cuz im going shopping for skool. ima buy clothes, lil book bags n supplies n crap like that. i had a dentist apmt. 2 day to but im sure u dont wana kno about that. cant wait till mi mom gets home so we can hit the road n clear the mall. . all last nite n this mornin i was a lil sad tho cuz i was listenin to alot of diffrent love songs n it reminded me of a certain lil africab biotch (alfredo)n i dunno wat to do. . im scared ill brake out in tears the moment i see him in skool. . y cant it stay summer forever? i used to want to go bak to skool but im 2 scared __. tear tear .__ i heard this song by musiq soulchild called half crazy n its the perfect song for me n him. . n the lyrics r tru. . i do just want my friend bak but i dont think ill ever have that. w.e im not in the mood to write n e more so ill chek bak wen i get home [x] bounce

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