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Miss Nina (girly_underwear) wrote,
@ 2004-12-11 20:40:00
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    I have this beautiful song on my asian avenue page. Its so beautiful. The voice of the singer is very stimulating. Its beautiful. Everyone should listen to it. :*D

    Yesterday my people and I partied like rockstars. Everyone got so hammered in the ass, but it was well worth it. It sucks though cause if everyone's BROKE then you have to take care of everyone. lmfao! It was fun.

    I miss my hunnie buns. He's out doing his side jobs.. nothing illegal.. I sure do miss him though. I can't wait to see him soon. Gosh.. I think when I arrive there, I won't come back home.. NOT! lmfao! hahahaha! Yeah right! If I really wanted to get married, I'd do it the correct way. I love Michael, but I'm willing to wait until we're both securely ready and have accomplished our seperate needs before we combine a lifetime agreement (marriage). I do love him.. I love him with everything that I have inside and last night when everyone got hammered and was with a couple, I missed him so much and I realised that I do love him with everything I am and I love those who he loves. The love I have for Michael is unconditional and genuine. I'm lucky to have him in my life. He completes me. Michael = the guy I considered 'Mr Right NOW' just might be Mr Right. :*D I'm no longer content, but happy.

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