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Miss Nina (girly_underwear) wrote,
@ 2004-12-08 16:49:00
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    Brand new journal.. what a weird change.. lol.. shoulda chose xanga but oh well

    I've been a bad bad girl lately (not in that way you fucking perv) so yesterday I took a personal vow and I will keep it. Its basically in the following statement:

    My Vow to God:
    I promise to be true to you
    To live my life in purity as unto you
    Waiting for the day
    When I'll hear you say
    "Here is the one I have created
    Just for you."

    Thats my vow to God. Now I intend to focus more on my career in the fashion industry and keep my family & close ones by my side. I also plan to take photography and dancing more passionately. I've been lagging like a mofo lately.

    Overall, since him, I haven't been able to have the security in my relationship due to the fact that I was hurt so suddenly, but fuck him. haha! I'm much more happier without him, but because of him I can't seem to have the trust and security in my present relationship. Like what my boyfriend said, "When girls' heart gets broken, the guy who broke her heart ruined the chances of another guy being with her fully and completely" and its fucking true. Oh well.. I believe my relationship with him will grow within time. Also within that time, then I will gain the trust and patience for him.. Hopefully. lmfao!

    On Sunday, I think, The buddies came over and damn.. we were all partying like we're all psychotic.. lmfao! Everyone was basically hammered and we were singing christmas carols hella loud. lmfao! Plus we prank called Sarah, May Kou, Nary, and plus some other mofos and it was hillarious! Mousie was all like "Damn girl, I wanna bang you like a beast" and most of the girls would be like "what?" or hang up. lmfao! It was mad fun though. Its always fun to hang out with people who you've known since you were a youngin and just be immature around them fucks. Its a change from the schedule and responsibilities that I've been given.

    Mousie and Kevin planned to leave yesterday, but knowing them, they'll probably end up staying until fucking the end of the year.. They've been here since forever, but its all good though cause they're practically family. lmfao! :*D soon to be hopefully. Them two are hella down and I totally dig them for it. :*D

    This is enough updates for now.. Be back tomorrow or whenever the fuck I feel like it.

    (FYI - eh so what I cuss? Got a problem? Suck my cock.)

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