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Miss Nina (girly_underwear) wrote,
@ 2004-12-17 17:14:00
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    I party too much! That is a damn fact too! :*D hahahaha.

    OmFg.. California in a few days.. omG.. i'm getting excited.. gonna spend some time with hunnie buns.. yay! :*D hahahaha. I'm nervous.

    My girl is back from overseas. Hopefully I get to see my godson before I head to Cali, If not.. I wanna see him after I come back. I miss him tons. :*D

    Nothing much has really happened. Michael and I are trying to work out our differences, but you know it takes time and time is what i'm willing to give him. :*)


    Its good to be the boss. I wore my PJ's and went to work today. haha! Its funny because most people are all dressy and i'm all comfy in my little office just watching some tv and GETTING PAID! hahahahaha. Life is good. :*D


    was suppose to go watch seed of chucky yesterday but the show began like 30 mins before we even got to the movies.. what a biatch! :*D hahahaha. Its all good. I saw pet cemetary. What a freakazoid movie. hahaha. Ok gotta run.. Deuce.

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