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* (girlafraid) wrote,
@ 2003-03-21 12:58:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:manics. love's sweet exile.

    i'm going to liverpool tomorrow morning and i've come down with a godawful cold. what the fuck. i'm all bunged up and i can't breathe properly through my nose. what larks. i got my coursework done last night though... even if it is shit.
    i hope that shop that sells me alcohol is open tomorrow morning. and i hope my mother doesn't decide to drive me to the station. i need to be drunk by the time i get to liverpool otherwise i won'thave any confidence. i think i'll wear a skirt. i like skirts.

    Life the universe, hurt feelings and everything in between
    Fuck her.... its happened again... she re-added me to everything and
    apiologised, now she has done it again and deleted/blocked me again.. i
    havnt even done anything

    Fuck ailsa.... she give a flying fuck about anyone elses feelings except her
    own..... i thought we were friends.. we are not.. shes hurt me.

    she needs to grow up in respect of how she deals with other people and their
    feelings and not be so careless with them..
    feelings are fragile and easily hurt.

    i want her out of my life, i dont think i will ever speak to her again...i
    wish things would be differant like what they used to be when we just talked
    on msn and the phone and i haddnt actually met her, when we were friends but
    they wont. im just waiting for her to send my stuff back.

    i know she cant read this but goodluck for the rest of her life... if she
    carrys on the ways he is.. she will need alot of it, i wish i had never met
    her, she has hurt me to much i will not be fucked around by her anymore

    and now i will turn my music up LOUD and attempt to make my room look vaguely tidy. i.e shoving everything into my drawers.

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