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Gish (giish) wrote,
@ 2012-06-03 17:37:00
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    Current mood: calm
    Current music:The Sopranos in the background

    Electric Magdalene
    A nice cable guy helped with the stupid television. Here I was thinking I was being a super intellectual and awesome role model by not owning a television. But one little call to Bell Canada in order to set up internet, and before I know it I'm ordering the whole deal. Thus, a television must be obtained in order to do my dvds and cable justice. Ugh. I can feel the blandness of this housing complex seeping in already. Sneaky.

    But The Sopranos looks amazing.

    Cooked an early dinner with the one pot I own, and finished up some chores around the house. I should have done some laundry, but I can't be bothered (this is what one gets for owning so many clothes). Household chores will get old soon, but you never know. I might turn into Molly Housewife with no husband. The last part doesn't sound so bad *grin*

    Mint from The Vietnam. I can't imagine what I'll do when that place closes.

    My sister wants to give me some furniture. All I have to hang out on in the living room is a two seater loveseat which is almost the most uncomfortable thing I've ever owned. It was left by the owner of the house. I shouldn't complain, but ouch.

    I should have taken the Poang, or poutang chair, whatever it's called *grin* from my sister. Then I might be sitting pretty.

    The garden in my backyard is growing lush and green with all this rain lately. I'm glad it cooled off. Drinks with Rose on some cushy chairs and private gossip will be fun at some point this summer. I haven't had a backyard in years. It's nice to have a small piece of grass to yourself.

    Beansie seems to be adjusting to his new owner. He sleeps with me sometimes, other times he cries at the door. I hope that when Buckley gets here next weekend, they'll get along. High hopes.

    Ei. Only 6:30 and I'm tired. Ridiculous.

    The Italian is in his homeland, enjoying the earthquakes. The only thing I can think about when I get a msg is the fantastic food his mother is cooking.

    Note to self: stop looking at international job postings.
    I'm telling you, settling down in one spot is hard. Difficult. It's like, work or something. Yeah, that's what I am. An electric Magdalene.

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