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Gish (giish) wrote,
@ 2012-05-14 18:53:00
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    Current mood: excited
    Current music:Bruce, oh Bruce you bend my heart.

    news on a home for Gish.
    So far, I have not been challenged as much as I have in this position.

    It's been a good 'month' so far. I think I'm making some progress with the staff and working on relationships with the residents. Good stuff happening so far.

    Although, a teen pointed at me today and told the Executive Director that I should be the first one fired. When asked why, the teen responded that I wasn't allowing them to nap during the day. Which is hugely ironic, seeing as I would be the first one to schedule naps if it was allowed.

    Funny stuff, too so far.

    Looked at a house the other day. Had almost everything I wanted, so I said I'd take it. Just waiting to hear back from the lady to see if I am accepted to rent the property. A little garden and back patio for myself and the dogs for evening star gazing.

    3 bedrooms. A spare for visitors, my own boudoir, and an art/office room. Small living area, but it makes up for it with the sliding doors out to the patio. Also, the landlord is leaving all appliances, including air, and laundry units. Which is a score in my mind.

    But, now that I've seen it and have made up my mind, I'm now chomping at the bit to be approved, and start the moving in and setting up household.

    I want to settle in, darn it! But I know it will happen with time, just need to be patient and wait until the end of May to actually move in. *sigh* such a long 3 weeks to begin the settling process and start nesting my my little townhouse nest.

    I never thought I'd live in a building with 40 floors, and I never thought a townhouse either. Funny how my standards have changed in terms of the space I occupy, have changed. I know it's not my 'forever' house, but it will be for a longer term than in recent years. Much longer term. And so far, I see ok with that.

    It's a cute place. I'm mostly in love with the patio, which is rich with glossy green vegetation, roses, trees and a perfect space for the barbecue and patio set.


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