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Broken Wings Faerie (gidelette) wrote,
@ 2003-10-14 23:42:00
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    Current mood: anxious
    Current music:The Verve - Bitterweet Symphony

    Sometimes I wonder why I feel the way I feel, Why I am the way I am, it's not bad, trust me, but it's a bit Weird. When someone is feeling down I always try to cheer him/her up, when someone has any kind of problems I give him/her a hell good of advice. But when it is ME who have any kind of emotional or personal breakout I can't use the same things I do for other people, it's so ironic, the adviser and the personal clown for a lot of people can't use the same tactics for herself. PATHETIC, but, like the song says : "It's a Bittersweet Symphony this life...."

    My Grandma it's driving me NUTS, I'm about to runaway far from here, if it wasn't for Mami and Luis and that I don't have any other place to go and that I really don't want to go to any other place I would have been 500 miles away from this hell, really! My life was so damn sweet 4 months ago, before that I had 2 complete years without arguing with anyone (well, that if we don't count my ex' boyfriend), 2 years without being the spoiled and conceited little brat, 2 years of complete freedom.

    Well, there are just 3 months left for her to go, so I'll try not to break completely, something very hard to do, but I'll give it a go.

    On other news, on Friday the 17th it's kind of a busy day but I'm really looking forward to it. First of all it's my Brothers Birthday and we are going to our usual family dinner, 2nd the play "Fablilla del secreto bien guardado" is going to be presented on Friday at 8pm but I don't feel ready for it cuz we've only rehearsed once since 6 months and my character is slipping out of me and I don't remember how to keep her inside me, I think is because the horrible experience I had the last time we presented it, my grandpa had just died and I was there at the theater instead of being next to my dad supporting him, it was dreadful, and to be honest I don't even remember what I did on stage, so it doesn't matter anymore.

    The MOST important thing that's going to happen on Friday (besides, of course, my Brother's Birthday) It's that E! News Live is going to be on the set of HP PoA and I'm so excited about that. I'm willing to see how's Cuaron doing, if the guys like him, to see up close and personal the new cast, etc. It's going to be wonderfull I bet. Just 8 months left to the release of this movie, only 8 months, not much, is it? Will I survive till then?? who knows, but meanwhile I'll keep watching SS and CoS *grins*

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