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Screams Mistaken For Laughter (ghost_on_stage) wrote,
@ 2003-11-24 14:21:00
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    Current mood: awake

    i don't fight back......but i bleed, and that's all you care about
    I didn't sleep for shiztnit last night, that's right...shiztnit
    I tried to go to bed at 12.30..but I had my eyes wide open until 2am...when I went to the living room to watch south park and porn :::gasp:::, that's
    and my sister woke up and ran into the bathroom throwing sounded as though as she was being tortured...
    then...after south park ended...I tried once again to sleep..couldn't so I put on my cd player and listen to Thursday - War all the time. for the 13224423524355th time (can't get enought of that cd), then I listened to Coheed and Cambria - In Keeping Secret in Silent Earth: 3.....then i listened to Brand New - Deja Entendu....
    still couldn't sleep...
    so I got off my bed and went to the computer room ( the garage made office) and started playing Chaos Legion (kick ass game) then my sister woke up again....throwing up...
    my mom woke up to see what was wrong...and cought me playing...
    she thinks I was online talking to people...or in a satanic website or mom is fucking hilarious (not being sarcastic)..when she said that, I was cracking up...
    ..then I went back to bed....and started getting sleepy around 6am..but my brother woke up to go to school..and, of course, woke me up...when he left, I was falling asleep again...BAM, my sister wakes up again...and throws up...
    then around 6.40am, i get into a deep sleep....but woke up at 9.44am....
    I reviewed all studied friday and sunday...and did some math problem...
    then I helped my dad in the backyard...
    now I'm here, at school....
    not tired at all...
    just half-asleep half-awake...


    ps....I have aids...

    nah, just kidding

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