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Get Past It (getpastit) wrote,
@ 2003-12-08 17:33:00
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    Current mood: peaceful

    My background
    I have been searching for my religious place for years. I've learned about christianity, paganism, satanism, buddhism, and wicca, but none of them gave me what I wanted out of it.

    I want to find a religion where I fit in perfectly. Where I agree with all of its beliefs, and live my life according to them. A religion like that is non existant.

    People often change something about themselves to suit a religion. I'm reversing it. I'm changing the religions to suit me.

    So I may never be a true buddihist or a true pagan or a true christian or a true anything else. I don't care. I am going to live my life the way I want, believing what I want to believe in, practising what I want to practise.

    This journal is for me to write about or share things I've found which I believe in or agree with. This journal is for me to create my own religion in.

    If everyone did this, we'd all come out with different ones. No two would be the same. Its the same as people. No two are the same. Everyone is an individual.

    But if we must label ourselves, how do we do it? Hi, I'm a christian buddhist pagan? No. Well, maybe but imagine the response you'd get. People would call you bad things and claim you were only posing as whatever you said. Fuck them. You be what you want to be. Anyone who dares to challenge that is only too scared to admit they want to do the same thing as you. Break out of their mould. Be bold enough to be their true selves.

    The following entries will most likely be of the learning sort. I like learning and studying certain religions, but never have the time to do it properly. Perhaps you will join me on my journey? Or maybe begin your own...

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