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geryon781 (geryon781) wrote,
@ 2011-11-08 15:01:00
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    Current mood:embarrassed

    Influenza is everywhere so youd better prepare group health centre column - the sault star - ontario

    The flu is everywhere' could be the theme on this year's Ontario's flu shot program. Every year, 10 to 25% or perhaps estimated 3. 5 million to 7. 5 million Canadians become have been infected with the influenza virus.

    The flu can be a serious and contagious respiratory infection due to several influenza viruses that can spread rapidly from person-to-person through droplets from a good cough or sneeze. It causes general misery in addition to: cough, fever, chills, sore throat, lack of appetite, headache, runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes and muscles aches. Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea can occur, particularly in children. Symptoms can last around 10 days as well as in many instances, weakness and fatigue can linger for weeks.

    The Group Health Centre (GHC)/Algoma Public Health (APH) community flu clinic opened in October and it is providing free flu shots for residents of Ontario. Appointments are required which enable it to be generated by calling: 705-541-2332 and 1-800-469-2449 within the Algoma District. The clinic relies inside the Health Promotion Centre in the Cambrian Mall. Clinics may also be being hosted through the Algoma District.

    Sue Berger, APH nurse says, "The influenza immunization may be the safest and quite a few efficient way in order to avoid infection, to lessen the seriousness of your symptoms if you do withdraw, and also to save yourself from spreading the herpes simplex virus to others. "

    The flu clinic is organized using a preference for seniors and those at higher risk (including those that have chronic illness, etc. ) followed by most people.

    "Immunization is particularly essential for anyone at high-risk of complications from influenza, particularly for children, pregnant women, those with chronic health conditions and also the elderly," Berger explains. "Many people won't get a flu shot because they've heard the many myths. "

    According on the Public Health Agency of Canada and Ontario's Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, myths include:

    * "I didn't get yourself a flu shot recently i didn't are disabled. " Various influenza virus circulate each year through getting the flu shot, you decrease your odds of becoming ill.

    * "I'm healthy and young. I do not desire a flu shot. " Healthy children and adults could also become seriously ill through the flu.

    * "I don't need another flu shot. I managed to get any year. " The flu shot is recommended each year due to different strains in the influenza virus which could differ from year upon year. It protects you against a few most common strains predicted to the year.

    * "You should not get the flu shot if you're pregnant. " Flu shots feel safe and suitable for every single pregnant woman where can i buy antibiotics online. These are more likely to develop complications from an influenza infection because their immune system is suppressed while pregnant.

    * "Getting the flu shot gives me the flu. " Influenza vaccine will not contain any things that may cause influenza. Cold viruses circulate throughout the fall and might be mistaken for a reaction to getting the flu shot.

    * "The flu is simply a bad cold. " Generally, colds do not lead to serious health issues such as pneumonia whereas it will be possible through the flu.

    * "Flu shots aren't effective. " Influenza shot is normally 70 to 90% good at preventing the flu in healthy children and adults.

    The most frequent side-effect experienced after getting a flu shot is temporary soreness the place that the actual injection is done.

    Check with your health-care provider just before a flu shot in the event you: have experienced an intense hypersensitivity from the previous flu shot; use a serious allergy to eggs and egg products; have acute illness using a fever or flu-like symptoms (hold off until you're feeling better) or possess a good Guillain-Barre syndrome (a disorder where your immune system attacks nervousness. )

    The community flu clinic is found two stores north of Canadian Tire inside Cambrian Mall.

    (Please note: health care services and providers may also be perfectly located at the mall. ) In case you are getting your flu shot, arrive only as much as Ten mins before your appointment and please wear a short-sleeved shirt lipitor price.

    "In addition for you to get your annual flu shot, remain healthy by: frequently washing your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap, coughing and sneezing into the upper sleeve or clean tissue and staying home when you have flu-like symptoms including fever, cough, a sore throat, body aches, headache, chills and fatigue," said Berger.

    Also, don't share personal items, including your cellphone, eating utensils, towels, pens and drinks.

    Flu season in Canada lasts from

    November to April.

    Remember, it requires influenza vaccine at least two weeks when you will get it to deliver protection. So

    please don't delay.

    Please confer with your primary care provider about any health problems that you're experiencing.

    Learn more about the flu. Visit: www. ontario. ca/flu and www. algomapublichealth. com.

    MaryLou Bernardo Hoffman is really a communications co-ordinator with the Group Health Centre. Visit: www. ghc. on. ca.


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