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brown eyed girl (gersian) wrote,
@ 2004-11-19 02:37:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:the sound of silence. and my heater.

    everything is wonderful!!! indeed art is.
    OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so, i went to the everclear concert tonight and i had no idea how absolutely amazing it would turn out to be. let me just say that art alexakis is a true genius. i admit, i was worried that the show was going to be cancelled because of the whole first avenue thing going bankrupt and all....but THANKFULLY- the show was rescheduled at a place called CABOOZE. ridiculously easy to get to- even by my standards....honestly- i could get me there if i had to. WITHOUT getting lost. :) hooray. honestly, the place was kinda dingy- it has a reputation for being a biker bar....and i was pretty surprised at the number of older people that were at the place. a lot of them were indeed bikers....with their harley's parked outside. but there were also quite a few older women sipping wine from their glasses and bobbing their hands to and fro to the awesome music. the first band, michael tolcher was amazing. i'd like to get my hands on a copy of their album. one of the guitar players looked like a younger, more college like version of lenny kravitz and he was beautiful. definitely a hip cat. michael tolcher's drummer is a god. and i mean no blasphemy or anything by that...i promise. i could have stood there and watched him perform all night long. a person could tell that he was born to be there and do just that in that moment, and nothing else. the expressions on his face while performing were enough to inspire anyone. *sigh* that was really corny. one white guy and three hip black don't see that too often. you really don't see that combination come together to create really good music. that's a truly rare thing. one of the beautiful things in life. whee. like sushi. i like sushi. the second band, avion (french for airplane, i think) wasn't that bad. wasn't really good though, either. they had a couple decent songs, but nothing to go crazy about. finally, after waiting literally hours....and change....(i arrrived at 7:50, doors didn't open til 8, and the show didn't start til 9. show- meaning the opening bands. everclear themselves didn't actually start playing until probably 11:20ish.) THEY came out!!! i can't even begin to describe in words the feelings, vibe, energy, all that good stuff of the place. everyone around me was shouting and yelling as loud as they possibly could and i loved every second of it. i love people who love their music and support their bands unconditionally. the lead singer, art looked exactly like i expected him to. perfect. what is it about me and lead singers? it's love at first sight, i tell ya. love at first sight. he played all of his classic stuff and some fairly new stuff and of course all of my favorite songs...wonderful, i will buy you a new life, father of mine, santa monica, etc....all great tunes. he's such a down to earth person and throughout the whole concert, he joked around with the audience. at one point, this random kid standing next to me pulled out the cover to a cd case....a blank label and wrote "i can play santa monica" in huge letters. i thought it was an album of his that he wanted everclear to listen to and recommend him or something, but then he just held the label up. various members of the band glanced at the note and nodded. some smiled. once art noticed, he asked the kid is he was serious. did he really know how to play the whole song? "sure" this bizarre, rather homely kid replied. "well then get your ass up on this stage and play!" unbelievable. art GAVE this kid HIS guitar and told him to go to town. honestly, i was blown away by the whole thing. i've never seen such a performance between a musician and a fan. maybe i've been living under a rock. maybe the musicians i see are too caught up in their own world. who knows. in any case, after the song, art told the kid that he was incredible, which, i agree with. he was pretty damn good. and they hugged. it was cute. after two encores, the band came back out and played the "jenny" song. you know....8675309....and art asked if any of the girls wanted to come up on stage and dance. haha it was great. i should have. i wanted to. i could have. oh well. in any case- the music was phenomenal, the band rocked like i never thought they would and i had the best time!

    oooohhhh and dims is coming tomorrow afternoon!!!! i can't wait to see you q!! we'll definitely have to have a night out on the town!!! i <3 you!!!!

    it's 3 in the morning now and i have class in a few hours. i'm actually going to bed. aren't you proud? i'm excited to wear my everclear shirt. it's nifty. for those of you that won't get to see it- that's just too darn bad. someday.

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