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brown eyed girl (gersian) wrote,
@ 2004-11-05 14:42:00
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    Current mood: hopeful
    Current music:girls around me chatting and something on comedy central-

    so- apparently, i sound drunk when i'm not.
    thank god it's friday. it's such a beautiful feeling- to know that i don't have any more classes until next monday. whee. i still have a ton of things that i need to get done before i can actually rest- not that i need to rest- i mean honestly- it seems like all i ever do anymore is sleep. but it's all good. i've become a lot of optimistic in the past 24 hours. well- in terms of classes. i talked to my advisor yesterday and we talked about a lot of possible options. AND i found out that our beautiful school actually offers a german language class....woot! so dr. b. told me that if i wanted and if i was interested, i could clep out of it. which, needless to say, would rock my world. much to my surprise, i'm still pretty fluent in it. i'm sure i could breeze through the test, if i did indeed decide to take it. if not, i'm still planning of taking intercultural communications next sememster which fulfills the global studies gen. ed requirement and it's part of the required classes for my either way, i'm set. speaking of classes- i'm also going to be taking two jesus classes in a row- four days a week. from 11 to 1- mondays, tuesdays, thursdays and fridays. umm....whee? the word in it's world and on being a christian. they're both required religion classes.....
    i have money! whee. after i finish eating and get everything done that i need to today- i'm going to get a tv and a dvd player with laura- the coolest chick in town-because my roomie took hers. and i have nothing now. and it's super sad. rawr. okay...this is a really random entry. and i'm distracted now. i'm sitting in the union with sarah, jen, and amanda- and they're talking about something with the history club. and i can't think anymore. and i have to go to the bear center now. and go see my advisor again. fun times. whee. should be a great time. and then- it's THE WEEKEND!!!!!!!

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