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your pretty face is going to hell (genesis__12a) wrote,
@ 2003-10-28 22:28:00
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    Current mood:AHHH
    Current music:Alice In Chains - It Ain't Like That

    God dammit. I'm completely misundestood almost all of the time. When I try just voicing my opinion for once (recent entries) alls I do is get bitched at for it. When I said "most" of my friends are stupid, I meant stupid as in the way of still acting really young and trying new things and stuff like that, not the actual low intelilect, not smart- stupid meaning. It sucks keeping this shit all inside of me for fucking god knows how long, and like I said, when I actually try to express it, and get it off my chest, everyone fucking has a problem with it and acts like I'm some huge badguy and the biggest asshole ever. It isn't a good thing to keep shit in, but I can't fucking say anything or else someone else will have me in their infa-red crosshairs. God dammit. I Can't stand it at all. fuckin fuck fuck fuck

    Sorry everyone. All I am is a big fucking asshole. I never realized how fucking stupid I am. Sorry, I wish I Could take back things I've said, but I can't. :\ All I am is a faillure. I Can't please anyone. I Can't even please myself. When I try being myself, all I do is hurt people. God, I'm sorry everyone. I really am. Maybe it'd be better if you all weren't friends with me, you all don't deserve this shit from me. I'm especially sorry to whomever commented Anonymously, I hope you're reading this and have read my latest reply to your comment., I owe you the biggest apology. I'm really sorry.

    Prologue to myself : Asshole. Fucking stupid. dumbass. heartless. self-centered. selfish. bitchy. bitch. jealous. ugly. nervous. emotional. emotionally-un-stable. needs help. wants his way. bastard. dick. dickhead. shithead. angry. mad. user. liar. stealer. angsty. bi-polar. depressed. obsessed. pessimist. pessmistic. unhappy. moody. all for fucking no reason at all.
    Welcome to me.

    Sorry everyone.

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