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your pretty face is going to hell (genesis__12a) wrote,
@ 2003-10-21 15:07:00
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    Current mood:fuckin fuckkkkkk
    Current music:Mad Season - Wake Up

    God dammit, everything has just been fucking crashing down lately. Any establishments I feel confident about, I leave alone, then the next second I feel bad for leaving it alone because something bad came out of it or happened to it. I have to fucking worry about soooooo much shit. It causes me to flip out easily at people, and I have hurt so many people lately because of it. It fuckins sucks having a shitload of things to worry about constantly, that I just can't shut out. It's fucking annoying and i'm annoyed almost all the time now and it sucks. I don't mean most of the shit I say, I'm just taking all my fucking frustrations built up from fucking everything and AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH fuck. I hurt so many people doing that, especially myself. Fucking punched a table today and now my pinky hurts like fuck and i obviously bruised it really bad. Someone fucking save me from all this shit. I guess there's no point in trying to get help. because all this shit is what I have to constantly worry about, and when I stop and TRY to have fun like everyone my age, bad shit happens. I feel like i'm not even close to many of my friends anymore, only Casey and Kevin because they understand what the fuck i'm going through and have been through it themselves. Kevin hasn't as bad as I am though. It sucks having to fucking worry all the god damn time and not have fun. These are my one and only teenage years, I can't just waste them worrying about shit and feeling bad, but I Can't fucking help it. All my other friends (besides the ones I mentioned) have not a fucking thing to worry about. That's why I don't even feel normal hanging around them. For fucks sake, the biggest worry they have is dressing good for school or some fucking pussy wussy shit like that. It makes me fucking sick and feel even worse


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