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*Gemsta* (gem_5) wrote,
@ 2003-08-01 18:02:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:my stomach -- making random noises

    :-(.. poorly

    gems all ill... :-( i have never felt this bad, its horrible. seriously need to get better, i hate being ill.. glad to hear u had a good night linz.. bet there woz alot of bitching.. uumm. anyways.. im not going to my dads so s'up to u if u want to see moi. ;-)
    today:.. woke up and felt like shit. lol.. but still went into town anyway. i had to change my chain.. i got a new chain for my locket yesterday becoz my darling brother broke it.. but yeh it woz too short and looked stupid. so i got a longer one today and i am really pleased with it so *yay* then stacey peapod kept me company for abit bless her little heart, nice to have company when u dont feel good. :-)
    orlando bloom is looking very fit on your site linz!! ---> anyway, england r afficially crap at cricket!! oo and leeds play tonight.. kick off at 7.45.. gonna loose but oh well.. i read today that smith said that he will stick with us through thick and thin even if we r relegated.. -- which will proberbly happen. lol

    so yeh this weekend.. grans for dinner 2moro and bouncie castle on sunday!! uummm.. rn't i the lucky one. lol
    song of the moment.. --> miss independent, great tune!!
    not decided wot to do about fred yet.. ahhh dear. lol
    gem xxxxx

    wanting -- a car..... preferably my mini
    wishing -- see fred
    thinking -- i really should eat something
    drinking -- just water, not allowed anything else.. lol
    imagining -- being on a random hot island .. sorting out my patchy back! -- that IS patchy NOT dirty

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