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Crypt_Keeper (gcnnfgbabe) wrote,
@ 2003-10-27 16:40:00
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    Current mood: calm
    Current music:im watching city slickers lol

    tada i made it through another day of school.........
    i absolutely hate school, im glad this is my senior year. don't get me wrong i love the people i go to school with its just the learning part and the math that i hate lol. Ugh everybody was like hmmm where the hell were you on saturday ?. You see the boys had a soccer sectional game but i thought it was at 3:30 and it was at 1:30 so i missed it but thats okay cuz i was downloading Good Charlotte videos. Then i became really pissed that night becasue the marlins won. What goes on? the yankees are supposed to winnnnnn. erghhhhh. Lets see sunday i stayed home and watched nightmare before christmas on the WB and then i picked pinecones with my mom so she can use them for the wreaths she makes. Plus i also tried to spike the hair and it did not work very well and i even used elmers glue, therefore leading me to believe when your hair is down to your waist its to long to spike. well today was boring we had a meeting after school for all winter sports and thats probably the only interesting thing that happened today. Tomorrow i'g going over to htc for the girls soccer sectional game to watch my niece (nikki) play. Then wedensday i'm going to South Kortright to watch the boys play. thursday im going to SK for senior soccer game parctice, and then friday is halloween and im going trick or treating, yay me. lol but i can't stay out late cuz i have SAT's the next day ...what a bummer right? well it's time for homework ick..............

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