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Victoria (gatewaygal01) wrote,
@ 2003-01-03 06:53:00
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    More Stupid thoughts...
    Men are stupid, vile creatures whose only purpose in life is to make women suffer. The most recent is my now ex-boyfriend. Sweet, sometimes aggressive, and always confused guy. We were "together" for about a month. Not bliss, but it was nice....On Tuesday I found him online. It was a rare occasion because of his new living situation. I tried chatting with him, but after only a few words he wouldn't say anything. I got an email from him for his new email address -moments later. He has aol now. Whereever he is. ANYWAY! After i got the email I sent him and IM on aol, tried chatting with him on there, no success. Then on yahoo messenger, I got a message from his sister who referred to herself as being the "sister of your ex boyfriend." Plus she called me a stupid bitch. So, needless to say Tim and I aren't "together" anymore....

    I feel great actually! I met this cute marine on Hot or We have similar interests in cooking, anime/cartoons, and video games. For the marines he does office work and some financial stuff. So far so good. We send emails to each other. We started doing this on....tuesday, monday.... I wonder what type of music he listens to....LOL! We had a big discussion about the PS2 and Xbox systems. I really just can't get into the PS2. Xbox has better graphics. And Shenmue II! I had really hoped for an Xbox for Christmas but I got a DVd player, new boombox, stationary, and a powder...thingy. I'm not complaining! Trust me!

    I emailed Colin when i first got back home. It was a cold letter I wrote and knew I would probably not get a response. It's foolish of me to say this, but I do still miss colin but I can't figure out why! I feel like I've been put in some type of spell. It felt good until recently. I suppose I'm growing up and realizing that I was used.

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