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tear it down (gasou1982) wrote,
@ 2003-04-11 20:29:00
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    Current mood:angry
    Current music:boy sets fire

    pissed at our royal gov't.
    hey all. thought i would post again. sheree and lindsi, tell other peeps to come read this one. haha. its good. anyway, here goes. i have some distrubing news about our so called awesome gov't, and this so called war we are in for freedom. the war we are in is not for freedom, yet oil. and if u dont believe me, read further. dont believe what our gov't and our media are telling you. instead, go out and learn the truth. our media just wants to get the american people to back an american policy that is filled with lies. why is this war for oil? lets see. our oil industry, whether it be gas, or oil for machines, or whatever, brings in billions and billions to our gov't each year. when prices started going up, people started not buying. causing this industry to lose millions. and in turn, our gov't losing millions. yes, most oil comes from Iran, but too bad they are ruled by iraq. we are apparently going to war because iraq has weapons of mass destruction. well then, if that is the case, lets go to war with china, russia, germany, france, britian, etc etc. yup, they have them too. hell, even the good old u.s.of a has them. so why not attack them? cause they dont have oil. thats why. but yet our gov't wants us to believe that we are doing the world a favor by knocking out iraq. while that may be true, we have a lot of enemies, any of which could launch an attack on our precious soil at anytime. dont get me wrong, i love the u.s.a, and i love democracy, but when our gov't lies to people just to get their way, thats unfair. and against the principle this country was founded on. that is justice and liberty and honesty. but our gov't is too pussy to let the people who elected them in office find out the real reasons why we are in war. its bullshit if u ask me. this even goes back to vietnam, when the president admitted he was wrong for going into the war. but did the american people know that? nope. he never told them. just his officials who later spilled the beans about it all. kinda fucked up huh? it is to me. anyway, like one of my fav bands always says (boy sets fire), protest is patriotism. dont sit back being idle and not having ur word heard. if u care about this country and what it stands for, speak out against the wars we have no business being involved in. after all, it is ur first admendment right to be able to say whatever u want to say, and not be held liable by our gov't. at least that is what ur supposed to do. but too many people are too scared to do anything about it. just a thought people. give ur mind a work out and decide whose side are u on. one that hides the truth to get their way and is only moved by money? or one that loves this country for the reasons it was founded on. im out all. im writing the same sort of message on my bands website within the next few weeks. our band stands committed to freedom, but will not stand for lies and betrayal. peace out all.

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