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Garitt (garittco) wrote,
@ 2004-02-23 21:21:00
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    the zen in me LOL
    Been reading about Zen lately....time 4 me to get my shit together i guess.....but its interesting stuff....and makes me think which is ALWAYS a good if i could just FEEL...

    The Foundations of Zen - working ideas
    while I do not practice Buddhism, or any other religion, I have found the Zen ideals to be very applicable
    to all goals in life, especially when dealing with sickness.
    the path can mean many things to many people, it is the skills needed for the journey not the result which
    is the same.

    The Pillar of Intent.

    The practice of Zen is all at once a perfectly simple matter, and a complex one.

    For it to be simple there are a number of factors that must come together for you. This must happen in
    order to prevent yourself from slipping in the wrong direction. These factors are intrinsically not
    needed, but because we all have tendencies and desires which steer us in the wrong directions, they are
    essential in finding the path.

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