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gargouille189 (gargouille189) wrote,
@ 2011-10-14 22:10:00
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    Current mood:rejected

    Livermore Alert-Our Upcoming National Jujitsu Convention For Everybody

    YA GOTTA GO to our upcoming National Jujitsu Convention. It's the very first weekend in March, the 5th and 6th. Our convention is each a social and cultural exchange where juniors and adults alike will meet new pals from all over the globe.

    We have fun and thrilling classes for ladies, men and kids focusing on fitness, strain releif and naturally, the martial arts. There is certainly a nice social encounter at the same time. We're like an excellent large household. mixed martial arts in south jersey And for your children we have a specialCharacter Improvement plan that our parents rave about.

    We have a beautiful location appropriate within the heart of downtown livermore. One of the first points you notice is that it smells nice as opposed to like the inside of a locker room. Inside we have an indoor rock wall, climbing ropes, tons of gymnastic equipment all on a secure matted area. mixed martial arts equipment sale Our kids adore the before and soon after class open fitness center time to play. Parents like the workout the young children get.

    Correct now you have an interest in our classes, either for yourself or your young children.But we do not know anything about each other.That's why we need to meet at our Discovery Day.

    And our instructors have the college equivilent of Masters degrees in the martial arts.The head instructor has 30+ years of martial arts training and coaching.

    For more information please pay a visit to http://www. bestfreekarate. com/archives/608. After that get the registration form from Sensei John or go on-line to AJJF mixed martial arts clothing uk. org for the on the internet registration form.

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