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gaoler224 (gaoler224) wrote,
@ 2011-08-28 10:04:00
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    Important Priorities When Dealing With Extreme Stress.

    There are many instances when people find themselves dealing with extreme stress. Similarly, wide varieties of situations can also cause high levels of stress and anxiety to arise. One type of situation we can use for example, is a disaster which can produce high levels of stress. Two common reactions that are seen in that kind of event are strong denial and symptoms of shock. One or the other of these symptoms might become more prevalent right after the event. It is important to recognize that these are natural responses meant to offer protection to the individual. There are other points to think about that also concern dealing with extreme stress.Those who suffer with extreme stress will have a long and hard road ahead of them. Good resources and a positive support system often aren't available for many people. It makes the journey much harder and complicates matters in that type of situation. Some may never totally recover which can mean a lifetime of complex problems and challenges. A normal and happy life will be elusive for this person because of the difficult emotions and behaviors he or she has. That is why any kind of acutely traumatic event must be dealt with swiftly and with as many healthy resources as possible.If you have encountered an extremely traumatic event of any type or any extreme stress, then it if of utmost importance to your recovery to deal with it in a positive way We understand that may be difficult and painful, but it is the only path to true healing. It is too complicated to be specific in the format of an article because there are too many unknowns.

    It is a possibility that it could take some time for all the symptoms stemming from the original event to reveal themselves. It could be difficult to connect a certain symptom to the trauma that may have caused it. You will notice that this complication can make it difficult for you or anyone else. So it is a good idea to speak with a knowledgeable professional who can give you insights as to what all the possibilities are with your situation.Extreme stress can be caused by a variety of reasons, so understanding how to deal is not always easy. The most important and influential thing to consider is the individual person. Each individual affected by severe trauma will have a different and unpredictable response to the event. There is much known about the types of reactions, but how an individual will manifest them is not known. Just two extremes are immediate responses and symptoms and highly delayed yet different reactions. Not every individual that is exposed to the same condition will show symptoms or adverse reactions. We must say that its quite a diverse picture when it comes to handling extreme stress.The ability to cope with extreme stress effectively will depend on the persons access to positive resources, innate abilities and awareness. Along with their individual nature, each person has their own strengths and personal challenges. Even though they might have the exact same experience, two people can have completely different reactions. In that respect, each individual has to be assessed as a unique situation, and one approach for coping and recovering from the stress may not be appropriate for the other person. It is still useful to know about some kinds of approaches, considerations and general concerns.

    There are certain ways that we already know about in how people will deal with extreme stress. It is most interesting to see how people can react in a variety of patterns. We might notice an immediate reactions or a delayed reactions to the same event. Such occurrences may be short lived or last for a long time. The way a person handles a situation can depend on the circumstances. When stress reaction symptoms are delayed, the person experiencing those symptoms may not remember what event that caused them. In that kind of situation there could be mistakes or confusion about why it is happening and what do about it. Therefore, it is important in these situations to take a very broad overview of one's circumstances.It is complicated to try to offer any universal form of treatment to assist a person dealing with extreme stress. What created the stress is how treatment is determined. The perception of how the event is measured, whether lower or higher on the stress scale for individuals is also a factor. One example is that the extreme stress could cause extreme feelings of fear. Unfortunately we may see that it takes a long time for that person to overcome that fear or they may never be able to completely get over it. That is why extreme stress and the reactions it generates becomes such a a complicated issue. Getting qualified professional counseling is what we feel is the best action to take in any given situation.Extreme stress not only happens from traumatic or catastrophic events, there are a variety of situations that also have the potential to cause it.

    Constant stress and tension in a home environment could result in family members suffering from extreme stress. You can help yourself if the source of stress is coming from one parent or even both of them, by acknowledging that people always have choices on how to behave. A positive approach to this situation can be through honest and open communication. You could try to sit down with your parents and let them know how their behavior makes you feel. If you feel safe doing so, you might even try to suggest some form of counseling.Disasters of any kind are often sudden and overwhelming for the majority of people and resources to cope with. Just remember the undersea earthquake and tsunami that devastated northern Japan. That is a good example of thousands of people who were inflicted with extreme trauma and disaster. Since most people do not ever see the need to gain a deeper understanding of emotional injury and attendant reactions, because that knowledge is extremely helpful, most are not prepared to deal with it. In that case, it can make a big difference if some kind of professional assistance is sought. It is highly beneficial when the affected person becomes aware that something is wrong within themselves and understand they can do something about it.One situation for example is a young adult still living at home with parents whose relationship is problematic. Although of course they can't ease the situations, the teen or early teen may want to help and because they can't, it can create a whole range of negative emotions along with the extreme stress. In that situation, the teen needs to understand that he or she is not responsible for the behavior and choices of the parents. The best course of action for the teen is to be removed when the parents are fighting. When it starts, just leave and go somewhere that is a positive place and not stressful. The teen should try to do something that is positive in nature such as visiting a friend
    or going for a relaxing walk. Communicating with others who have similar experiences is one method of dealing with certain types of trauma and the stress that it creates. This association is often called a support group and some people can find them valuable. A support group type of environment is not meant for everyone. A benefit of a support group is they can be very helpful for those who find themselves with limited resources or other types of personal support. The immediate environment may not have the support of others such as family members or close friends.

    What is known is that the ability to cope with extremely stressful events will vary among people and depend on the nature of the event. The time it takes for a reasonable recovery will depend on the kind of trauma as well as the nature of any kind of loss that might have happened. Someones experience at coping with stress can also play an important role as well. A person who has experienced highly stressful situations in the past and learned to deal with it successfully will take less time to cope and recover. This kind of person will have the knowledge needed that will enable him or her to overcome the extreme or high stress.

    Be prepared for an immediate reaction in some form if your child has suffered a traumatic and extremely stressful event. It is a good idea to contact a professional if you aren't familiar with what to expect. You could even speak with your family doctor who will be able to offer guidance and make recommendations. Immediately or soon after the traumatic event happens, your child could start to exhibit some common reactions.

    That is the reason arranging professional guidance needs to be done right away. The trained psychologist will assist your child in learning to cope with the stress reactions and help you so you can help your child through the ordeal.

    Simple communication can have immense power in the potential for healing. You can set the stage that will allow real progress to be made by talking to others whom you know. Just plainly talking about the experience in what ever manner it comes out can be very helpful. Some people are reticent about doing that, so there are other methods. One example is to writing and talking about thoughts on paper can serve the same purpose. We can all understand that there are times we just need to let it out. During these times it can be better to just listen, rather than to say anything.In other articles we have talked about how personal support systems are valuable. Our family and friends can be very helpful and make a positive impact through communications and empathy. This can be helpful because talking about the traumatic experience is a positive coping mechanism. Lets inject a word of caution here about the personal support approach. The positive results may be diminished when members of that support have a shared experience that was traumatic or extremely stressful. This may not hold true however if the other person is doing well in dealing with the trauma.

    In general, a diverse but effective strategy would be adopting healthy and positive behaviors. This kind of strategy allows a person to become stronger and better equipped to deal with extreme stress and trauma. The strategies we are talking about are positive lifestyle behaviors such as eating healthily, resting well and even exercising regularly. One can take advantage of the many choices out there and also include alternatives such as meditation, yoga and other relaxation techniques.If you are an adult who has experienced stress that is unusually extreme, then you need to know there are positive ways to deal with it. You are not at a loss in terms of retaining some degree of control over your life. One thing to understand is that you may be experiencing emotions that can feel unusually intense. Because of the nature of the stress,you could find yourself having stress reactions to normal situations. As well as being aware of the kinds of reactions you might have it also is important to accept what has happened as well. So that you can understand what is happening inside you, awareness is very important.It is important when dealing with extreme stress and the variety of reactions it creates that you are patient with the healing process. Healing can be a long process, so having patience is vital to recovery.

    Your feelings and emotions that are associated with the trauma are something you need to allow yourself to experience. It is just as important to allow your emotions to be expressed in a healthy comfortable way, as it is to talk about your feelings. It is only when all of it is kept inside that there is great potential for coping difficulties.However, professional intervention is needed when children are involved in the serious situation of extreme stress or trauma. Because children aren't capable of understanding what is going on within, but they may show symptoms. Aggressiveness, extreme withdrawal, physical symptoms to stress reaction are just a few of the signs a child might manifest in this situation. The child may need their parents involvement in helping to overcome the stress, depending on the individual situation.Dealing with extreme stress and getting to a place of healing can take many steps. Understanding how the stress reactions are causing a major problem is one way of coping. Asking someone you trust for advice or making the initial contact with a professional is the best course of action to take at this point. In all likelihood, the person you go to for advice will recommend the same course of action. Then, once you speak with a trained professional counselor or psychologist, then further professional treatment will be suggested to you. How to deal with extreme stress, anxiety or trauma can be tricky because of the many factors involved. We think the most important phase is the early stage where we may or may not see symptoms of reactions. To help them get through the ordeal, it is very helpful if that person has caring and supportive people that are willing to help. The most effective approach for a person is also includes an ongoing long term strategy for coping.

    Awareness can be a tool that you can use to your advantage in the event you undergo an extremely stressful situation. People who do not take the time and consider the possible reactions and consequences will be at the greatest risk for poorly coping with what has happened. With self-education or by simply obtaining the advice of a professional, you do have the ability to help yourself.

    There is a common theme as it concerns the ability to deal with or cope with extreme stress. Willing communication is the key to increasing your ability to cope successfully and healing. If you take the time to talk about your experience with empathetic listeners it will help you immensely.

    Ways to effectively handle extreme stress is very different between adults, teens and young children. The best avenue for all categories, but especially important for young children is professional treatment. Adults and teens may need ongoing support for some time depending on the type of trauma. Regardless of what kind of case, good friends and family can play a major and positive in recovery by offering a personal support system Reel Mower Reviews. Probably the best advice that will be universally suggested is to get professional treatment due the type of traumatic events that cause the extreme stress. On the other hand, in many cases it would be up to the individual adult to ultimately decide if that is something they want to do. However, teens and young children are a different story, and it is the responsibility of the parents to seek treatment for their child.

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