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ShOrTaY (gangsta_boo) wrote,
@ 2004-02-08 13:35:00
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    Current mood: pissed off

    Not impressed

    *Cracks the shits big time*

    Well I just rang Lydia and it turns out she's with greg....and they've only JUST leftt he fucken airort which means they won't be home until 3.30pm this afternoon which means I'm stuck here with absolutely NOTHING to do coz greg has my car and he has Lydia with him even though he was the one who told me to go see her when I finished the fucken photo shoot today. I didn't even end up taking any photos and Gav's plane didn't get in until 1.10 anyway which means that Greg could have waited for me like I asked him too and I could have gone with him instead of spend thing past hour and a half and then next two hours by myself with nothing to do when I'm not going to get to see him during the week. Anyway...what I'm more pissed off about is that LYDIA got to spend more "alone time" with greg today then I have all fucken weekend!!!!! And he's MY boyfriend....and I only get one night a week with him......and he's leaving in two weeks! ARRRRGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I just want to cry. Lydia got to spend 3hours with him today....I got to spend ONE hour last night before he fell asleep where it was just me and him. Yeh I got to see him before that but everyone else was around and all I want is one WHOLE day of quality time alone with MY boyfriend when he's leaving for a year and I won't get to see him for another three months.....or more!!!!! God I'm SO pissed off. The funy thing is greg told me to walk around to Lydia's from in town when I was done with my shoot....good fuckent hing I didn't or I would have had to have walked home!!!!! God...I jsut can't get over the fact that I got shut down by greg two times this weekend and then ahd to literally BEG him to spend some time with him yet my best friend just gets invited to pick up Gav event hough I know gav better. God....why doesn't greg want to spend fucken time with ME??!?!?!?!? I'm just gonna go and dig myself into a hole. Maybe if I had bigger boobs he'd want to spend more time with me.


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