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CiSt (gallopingpony) wrote,
@ 2004-09-15 11:34:00
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    Current mood: calm
    Current music:finch

    once again your eyes make it hard to say i'll just keep driving
    hmm...i don't really know what to talk about. yesterday i went to school took some aderol in the morning and it kept me alert ALL day. i think i have ADD, i wanna get tested so that way i dont haveta keep stealing/buying that shit. after school i came home and chilled like a fiend. then i went to jesse's house and we met up with danny and jeff on thayer st. then we all went to MB and smoked a blunt. then we went to the mall. then we went back to jesses and smoked another blunt. then we went and got pizza. then i went home and did more homework.
    today i went to school and got ill. haha the days are going by alot faster. i kept shaking today, my arm was whiling out....i dont know what the fuck thats about, i hope i dont have nerve damage or anything gay like that. i've been getting my shit off to a good start. no more skipping, no more ditching classes, no more sleeping...i'm really trying. at least for the first 3 quarters. i need to go sign up for the SATs again, and go scouting colleges. me and jeff are gonna go up to boston and check shit out up there, also so he can visit rachel. all the fellas are going up to NH this weekend, i was gonna go but i decided to stay behind for some reasons.
    yesterday i got pulled over on the way to school and got a fucking 200 dollar ticket. what the cunt. he cut it in half tho. he can eat a fucking gonna fight it. i shouldve grabbed my gun from the glove compartment and shot him in the face. o well. i had mad fireworks in my backseat too...damn son.
    word around my school now is that i'm a cokehead....fucking seekonk kids....

    im quitting smoking.....i tried it for one day, but since ive been smoking so much for so long, im a fiend and im gonna get wicked bad cold turkey. SO i'm on a schedule, 3 stogs a day for a few weeks, then im gonna gradually cut that down to 2 then 1...then quit. i think it will work, if not im gonna start smoking crack to fill the void. im such a faggot! who the fuck goes on a schedule?
    i feel bad tho, because i think i really let someone down

    hopefully, everything goes according to plan....usually when i try to get my shit together, something happens and it all falls apart.

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