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always_gods_child (gaby_4_christg) wrote,
@ 2003-07-10 00:00:00
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    Hey there ppl!!! Haven't written in a while. So minha segunda entradan ne? Well IT IS SUMMER STILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I'm bored out of my minds so why don't yall give some pointers/ ideas on what to do this summer. It's not like it's gonna hurt ya. My grampa's visiting with me. I love him dearly but sometimes it can get on my nerves!

    If any of you didn't know I'm a christian girl from South Florida. If any of you are christian we write back to me and we can exchannge e-mails/letters and strengten our faiths. But even if you aren't I am not only a a Christian gall and I can start up a conversation with anyone, YOUNGER OR OLDER!!!

    Hope you all have a nice vacation if your still i school and if you aren't and you work, thn good luck on your job, and if you have neither a job or go to school, good luck in finding a job, and if you are underage and aren't going to school, star going again, or e-mail me and we can talk, I'm open to anyone who just wants to talk about his/her problems. I'll try and help you out as best I can.

    Well to anyone who reads this, GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!! And THE LORD LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have a good summer, day, week, year, anything. Hope you make it through any problems your facing.

    My e-mail is e-mail me and we can become letter buddies
    {that sounds so corny doesn't it?}

    Good Bye and GOD BLESS!!!!!

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