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drunk girl.. (gabbylicious) wrote,
@ 2005-04-09 22:59:00
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    Current mood: drained
    Current music:goo goo dolls- iris

    you bleed just to know you're alive..
    haven't updated with an actual update in like forever. umm i guess everything has been like the same. nothing different at all. quite tired lately actually. slept like all day today and now i dont think im going to sleep tonight. got a new clarinet yesterday.. a wooden one actually which is really good.. parents lied to me about buying it but whatever. also got lip venom from sephora yesterday at the grand opening! woohoo lol. also got my free t-shirt from sephora.. trying to fit into it was a huge ordeal today though. lauren tried it on last night and it looked kind of tight on her. its the type of shirt that would fit hugh perfectly. which is wonderful. i think you guys should try to fit into a shirt that is like hugh's size some day and then see how tiny he really is. lol. but yeah... so that was lots of fun. talked to celia for about 5 seconds today which kind of sucked because then my incompetant aunt called asking for me to do a bunch of shit for her which made me have to get off the phone. and its wonderful considering i havent talked to her.. i mean actualy talked to her since before hello dolly. and today was lots of fun when i woke up this morning especially because my sister decided to bitch at me and tell me that she's 'fucked' up because of me. she says i abuse her yet she was hitting me when she said it.. fun right? she said grandma died a week before my birthday which is only like a year ago and then you started doing shit to yourself and im the youngest and it sucks to be me. and she was like and you abuse me *slaps gabby* and i hate you *punches gabby* and then she ran off almost in tears. and im sorry but the last time i checked the only person that i 'abuse' is myself.

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