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!*!*!*!kat*!*!*! (funnybunnies) wrote,
@ 2004-05-01 11:13:00
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    damn i feel old
    so i was looking at some of my old friends web pages and i was liek is it that i am so much different from them now? they are still in love with manga and anime adn i am like..umm i dont liek that stuff anymore...they draw sailormoon all the time and i draw the sun and moon with faces on them...i guess since i was 11 i have moved on from that...its weird..makes me wonder...the same with music and that..its so funny how like 4 years ago we had everything in common and now...its all different...change is weird...but most times needed..and i think it was needed

    feedingthecrows: did you enjoy seeing your lover?

    oh rachel i love you! i am so happy you are my little sister and that you can make fun of me

    feedingthecrows: hahaha
    feedingthecrows: just kidding
    KILLA KIZATIE: who are you talkin about
    feedingthecrows: you know who I am talking about
    feedingthecrows: I was kidding
    feedingthecrows: don't get snippy
    feedingthecrows: hhahahaha snippy

    shes the best little sis i could ask for even when i did not ask for just happened

    last night i went to the comdey catch with ben KELSIE and carter...and me....carters gutair teacher was playing it was fun but it would have been more fun if we had been able to sit other wise it was an ok time...i have to go and work with my mom today but i get payed 7.50 an hour and that DAMN good better then some people! and i have to work i guess from like noon until 6 so around 40 bucks thats not bad

    feedingthecrows: WINKER
    feedingthecrows: the winker
    feedingthecrows: damn
    feedingthecrows: you are slow
    feedingthecrows: slow like
    feedingthecrows: like
    feedingthecrows: a trutle
    feedingthecrows: ur*

    feedingthecrows: what the hell katie?
    feedingthecrows: you retard


    names for kids that come to my house

    feedingthecrows: master winker of terrettes = carter
    feedingthecrows: the teddybearbuilding warrior = matt b
    feedingthecrows: the duche de la guitara= ben p. (that means the shower of the gutair in spanish)

    she is thiknign of mine and kelsies

    feedingthecrows: the goddess of paint mutilation = kaite mckane
    feedingthecrows: hero of the porter pottys = matt porter

    kelsies she is still think about

    feedingthecrows: you should be
    feedingthecrows: the carrot of the rising sheep thats about me

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