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Fumimaro Kakinomoto (fumimaro) wrote,
@ 2003-10-31 00:02:00
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    Current mood: calm
    Current music:Ja Rule...Clap Back

    Dinner (for the Bogard Dojo RP)
    Well, the Dojo is inactive at the moment, so I'm going to post my stuff here. This is a character I created called Michael Lewis. On my other screen name is the profile completely created for him if you'd like to see, but for now, here I go.

    "Some time has passed since the death of his brother, death of his first real love, death of his grandfather. The evil that plagued the three has left, the new beginning had started. His life was pure, wholesome in a way, although it consisted of lechery, adultery, temptation and seduction. Nonetheless his heart grew pure and mind grew clear, and abandoned had he the lifestyle of darkness. Michael's powers grew as well as his intellect, and it seemed the worst had passed him by. Boy was he wrong...

    An autumn evening, filled with a wind that sent shivers down people's back. The ground was covered in leaves from tress that didn't exist around the neighborhood. The sky was dark although it was mid-evening, and the mood and sound of the outside was silent. No children ran the streets, broke the hydrants and enjoyed the swim of the ghetto, no, the children had much schoolwork to do, and the adults were in the midst of becoming warm from a long, cold walk to their homes.

    A strange love for this season always filled Michael's heart around this time. Something about silence and serenity appease Michael, especially in a city where everything must happen. Michael spent his evening indoors with a cup of noodles filled to the brim with warm water waiting for him. Michael was about early in the morning in search for a new job, one that didn't require his arm being a rest for G-strings and his workout including drunkards who didn't know their roles. Jaime, after many obsessive attacks towards Michael, became a thing of the past, finding work at another less-paying club. Vincent was replaced by a smaller individual who thought because he wore all black he was the peak of power. The little guy has never gained such a lack of respect until he was employed by the club.

    Michael looked to his cup and waited for the three minutes to end. He paced back and forth with his attention to his noodles. He shrugged, thought for a second, grabbed the cup and channeled his ki towards his hand. A small spark of a flame shot to the cup and Michael smiled. Michael began to feel a rush and watched while the styrofoam cup exploded in his hands and the noodles flew about his apartment. In shock, Michael stepped back while the soft, hot strings landed on the floor. Michael looked to his hand and a flame erupted towards his face. He weaved to his left and the flame attacked his cabinet. He turned his hand away and flames continued to spurt wildly. Michael tried to concentrate his energy and succeeded while the flames calmed and vanished.

    Michael's phone rang. He ignored the pile of noodles and ran towards it. He picked it up, and in a confused, shock voice he managed to ask, "Hello???"

    "That was fun wasn't it," a small girl's voice responded. It was sweet and innocent, very well articulate for a child. The voice continued, "Next time we'll have more fun together. Until then." The phone clicked and Michael looked to the receiver. A blaze of fire shot towards him and he dropped the phone and his body on the ground. He looked to the phone and saw the receiver was already hung up, and that the entire phone was in flames. Michael shook his head once and the fire was gone. He looked around and noticed his cup of noodles were intact on the table. Nothing had changed, nothing was out of place, everything was as it was. Michael stood up, walked towards the noodles, lifted and lid and said, "Damn, still not done." He closed the lid, pulled up a chair, and waited a little longer...

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