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Fumimaro Kakinomoto (fumimaro) wrote,
@ 2003-11-16 13:24:00
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    Current mood: creative
    Current music:Runnin...Tupac Shakur w/The Notorious B.I.G.

    The Celebration of Life... (Another Dojo Post)
    "One by one, they passed the coffin, each in garments of the darkest black possible. The elderly women wept deeply and placed their withered hands on Mrs. Lewis' cold body. She had a smile on her face though, no kind of technique by a mortician could have altered her expression. Mrs. Lewis was happy in her passing, she was happy to be free and move on. The eulogy was to begin, but was halted by a tall figure's presence in the entranceway. The tall figure, dressed in a black overcoat and a suit, walked down the aisle with his head up. No du-rag or form of casual wear touched Michael while he headed towards his mother's coffin. People close to the aisle looked up at Michael, and whispers jumped from the mouths of the mourning in question, "Is that Mikey, did he come back for this, how did he know his mother was gone, where has he been for all this time??"

    Michael looked around and recognized every feature of the church his mother grew up at. He knew that she would have no funeral but besides here. He made his final stroll to the coffin and looked down at his mother. He smiled when he saw her smile and he touched her hand softly. Somehow it was still warm to him while he learned down and kissed her forehead. He brushed back her hair a bit and nodded in acknowledgment. He looked around for a place to sit, only to find a small group of elderly women place themselves close enough for Michael to sit in the front.

    The preacher, one Michael knew of and grew up with, delivered a powerful sermon on the accomplishments of Michael's mother. The preacher asked if anyone had any final words, with every set of eyes in unison turn to Michael. Michael stodd up and took to the altar. He took the microphone from the preacher's hands and brought it to his lips.

    "I could be really emotional right now," Michael began. "I could be in tears like the most of you. I can honestly sit here, break down, cry my heart out, sob for weeks on in, and for what, to express the pain of my mother's passing. Yeah, I am little Mikey, the very same, only I'm older and smarter. Death isn't the loss of life, but the acceptance of it. If anyone hadn't noticed, Mom is smiling right now, as beautiful as she's ever been. Why, because she knows this is the final step, and no matter what, this is the end result of living." A tear escaped Michael's eye when he continued after a small pause. "I spent the best years of my life with her. She was both mother and father to me, and even when she didn't want to be she took the entire responsibility and excelled in it. Mom is my only connection to the innocent happiness I felt as a child. My brother is gone, my grandfather is gone, my first love is gone, and now Mom is too. Mom brought me to who I am right now and I can't thank her enough for it. Some of you may be skeptical as why I left, why I should have stayed, what could have been if I was by Mom's side when this happened to her. I never left Mom's side for a second, not once, she's always been in my thoughts as I surely know I've been in hers. What could have happened is an infinite amount of answers I can't even begin to explain. What did happen is the most beautiful thing in the world, and for those who cry, clap, clap that she was given life so long, clap that she has touched you all so much you're in tears for her, clap for the celebration of my mother's life, clap because we love her and will miss her."

    The entire congregation stood to their feet and clapped in unison for Mrs. Lewis while Michael began to weep on the altar. He was led down by the preacher and led out of the congregation while they still applauded for her. Michael's words touched them all, and those with tears now were with smiles. A clap of thunder was heard outside while it began to rain. A story is that when it rains, someone is accepted into heaven. Michael left the church and stood in the rain. He looked up at the sky while droplets of rain landed on his eyes. The rain drops mixed with his tears while Michael allowed the only words he could ever use to describe his mother escape his lips.

    "I love you."

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