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Fuck Beast (fuck_beast) wrote,
@ 2003-09-28 18:46:00
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    Current mood: lonely
    Current music:Hole - Reasons To Be Beautiful

    Today I got 2 significant phone calls. One was from Jeremy and Brice, and that's just significant because I had a very good conversation with brice and he's just an interesting fellow. The other phone call was one which is EXTREMELY SIGNI...i mean significant. It was from GARTH in his boarding school, he stole his friends phone card and called me and alex. I was SOOOO fucking thrilled that he called, and so flattered that out of everyone he knows, including claire, he called me and Alex. it reminded me of how the 3 of us were the ebst of friends back when everything was simpler. I miss Garth so much. one of my best friends snatched from under my nose. and it was really shitty because it was JUST after alex, so for a while there i was quite alone.

    Brice Brice Brice, what a character. He's just very smart. I don't know, it makes me feel kind of stupid. Kind of naive, then again, that's kind of my schtick. It's getting old though. The whole bubble gum chewing, bright color wearing, wide~eyed~innocence~of~a~child~with~a~twist thing. I'm sort of tired of being seen like that. I want to be regarded as more mature, because people who have known me my entire life know that I am. I guess I just sort of come across as "ditzy". It's a bitch in the ass as peter sherman would put it. Well i'm spent, put your damn pants back on.

    If you can identify the person in my background image (WITHOUT CHEATING LIKE SELECTING THE IMAGE AND LOOKING IT UP) then I will...sell you my brother...and i'm only saying that because the damn hippy is right here, and i'm trying to get rid of him.

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