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fasfvsfas (fsaasfsv3) wrote,
@ 2012-04-22 09:58:00
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    no longer intervene
    Ms Lai took her husband and completed a double into the right photo. Wei emblem, the Information Times reporter

    married for 16 years, common and had a branch in Guangzhou Huadu runs a leather firm

    edition author, thought a successful career and happy family life depends on President, unwittingly, they discovered that her husband outside mistresses for 12 years. Became public, her husband Zoumou agree to a divorce and generous to give up ten million jointly owned property, to Do not want to, at the same time, he also proposed that up to 20 million yuan of loans outstanding, according to the law by Ms Lai bear. Ms Lai, Zoumou proceedings fraud forgery debt.

    phase in the end is what? Huadu District Court of First Instance judgment on the case recently.

    strike: her husband and nurturing there are women out. Ms Lai in a nearby asked around and actually learned that many peers would previously see the store's Subsequently, Ms. Lai secretly tracking husband took a picture of the completion of a particular arm of her husband, holding a little girl and out of the photos in a district of Huadu.

    in order to get the truth, Ms. Lai to launch all relationships asked around and finally found out that the husband Zoumou in 1997 to recognize the completion of a Zoumou often to Huadu hotel and friends to eat, sing K, known to attract guests at the door the consultative off Miss complete a The second year, both on the development of improper relations between men and women. Zoumou rent a boutique in 1999 to the completion of a business. Boutiques at a loss, Zoumou order to facilitate and Bi Mousheng live in 2001 in Dongguan, this leather line stores allow completion of a care of.

    until Bi Mousheng education illegitimate daughter after a small surplus in 2006, Zoumou to store re-playing signs, depicting the word from the completion of a mother and daughter name changed to Change of Registration, shops converted to complete a all. 2008, completed a Zoumou and Ms Lai Total Huadu plant in financial management. All this, Ms Lai actually did not perceive.

    self-preservation: the seizure of thousands of property of her husband want from another only

    Ms Lai said that she and Zoumou Qujiang District in Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province in 1994,Coach Poppy, registration of marriage, after marriage, feelings of still good, and the birth of a son in 1996. In 1997, Ms. Lai followed her husband to Shiling work. In 2001, the couple, with borrow $ 30 million to start a business from the parents and siblings of Ms Lai Shiling International Leather City, opened a leather firm, the business grew and grew.

    However, since 1998, Zoumou actually hide with the completion of a living together for 12 years, not only held the wedding, external commensurate with the name of the spouse, there is the illegitimate daughter. In 2007,coach outlet, Zoumou Shiling to completion of a nominal purchase a house, car, also built a six and a half floors of the building.

    husband had an affair, Ms Lai side to collect the evidence of her husband of bigamy, while preserving the evidence of jointly owned property. In December 2008, Ms. Lai to peek husband cell phone, same day as much as the two women sent him an ambiguous SMS. Do not want her husband know she yells, and even took her out of the house.

    August 3, 2009, Zoumou to Huadu court filed for divorce, said Ms Lai out disorderly behavior, and requested compensation for moral damages verdict Ms Lai. Ms. Lai sue preservation of the same month on the 20th. Property of clues provided by Ms Lai, the court seized Zoumou under the name of all the property, including five shops in Shiling Longgang, Shenzhen, and 4 of the housing units, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and other car and bank deposits. Ms. Lai is estimated that property worth about 12 million yuan. December 30, 2009, Zoumou Xianshibumiao withdrew their complaint.

    divorce: the husband take the initiative to cleanse the family he left behind 20 million of debt

    January 20, 2010, Ms. Lai filed for divorce, to request the decree of custody of the boy under her, split the matrimonial property, as well as Zoumou Long-term mistresses lead to divorce, you must make appropriate compensation or damages. Guessed that Zoumou Li agree to a divorce, and custody of the boy attributable to Ms Lai, and would also like to give up all his property. However, the entire debt is also given to Ms. Lai.

    Ms Lai said that as early as August 3, 2009, he took a margin tanneries operators belonging to jointly owned property changed to complete a brother, warehouse close to 10 million yuan transfer the goods to low-cost 250,000 yuan to the completion of a brother-in-law. In the case of property preservation measures to be taken, Zoumou leather line was closed down renamed, the operator is also replaced.

    court, Zoumou said to have been insolvent, and provides financial bills, details of the arrears, IOU and Huadu Court a case more than 5.63 million yuan mediation book, and two found 1.25 million $ debt, judgments, totaling up to nearly 20 million yuan. Zoumou said these are husband and wife co-signed debt. Ms. Lai noted that the value of the case more than 5.63 million yuan of the conciliation statement Zoumou in May 2007, has 11 times Panmou borrowing a total of 5.63 million yuan Zoumou to recover after 11 Zhang IOU, replaced by a total IOU Panmou . Until January 8 this year Panmou prosecution, the two sides reached a mediated opinion quickly in the same month on the 25th: Zoumou repayment of such borrowings at January 30 Panmou. Ms Lai believes that this is Zoumou for the occupation of the family property, and others conspired to counterfeit debt litigation fraud.

    verdict: doubts about 5.63 million debt not support

    Both sides expressed their willingness to divorce, the court Huadu be permitted. In view of the Zoumou willing to jointly owned property, the court held that Ms. Lai has economic advantages in raising her son, is more conducive to his son grow up, then also will be sentenced to the custody of Miss Yu Lai, but taking into account local living standards and child status quo Zoumou still take a month to $ 500 alimony.

    but Huadu more cautious when the court finds that the scope of the jointly owned property and joint debt. Mediation Court for the hospital to make the repayment of 563 million yuan points out that the conciliation statement sets out the Third Party Panmou advocate borrowing have been in existence Zoumou recover the IOU, and both sides soon reached Ms Lai, filed for divorce during the proceedings consistent with mediation of views.

    but because Zoumou proposed sum of borrowing a huge amount, but Zoumou for the first time to prosecute a divorce, he was not mentioned specifically on the husband and wife co-signed debt in the divorce proceedings the court investigation did not mention with common sense and logic do not match. Then to combine Panmou Zoumou were not advocate a comprehensive analysis of the borrower for jointly debt and other factors in the mediation process, the verdict does not support the borrower as husband and wife co-signed debt.

    verdict for the entry into force of the two finds 125 million in debt, Huadu the court finds that the legal effect of the verdict, and the borrower jointly owned property, because of the jointly owned property owned by Ms Lai. then Ms Lai also responsible for the repayment of the borrower.

    July 20 this year, Huadu the court judgment of five shops, three real estate, cars, and Zoumou nominal purchase participating insurance proceeds jointly owned property owned by Ms. Lai, Ms. Lai Repayments of borrowings totaling 1.635 million yuan.

    Zoumou then appealed to the Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court. Guangdong Global Jingwei Lawyer Wang Silu Zoumou

    police station 'to check whether bigamy

    to provide legal assistance to Ms. Lai, Ms. Lai has been commissioned to submit a charge sheet to the Public Security Bureau, the allegations ZouMou complete a behavior constitutes the crime of bigamy, and submitted to the vast amount of audio-visual materials.

    According to reports, data including video and photos, followed by shows the two men living together in tanneries, as well as Zoumou car with the completion of a school up and down with the Shuttle illegitimate daughter, there are two The illegitimate daughter attended kindergarten newborn arrived at the table, the mother a column for the completion of a father on the table column Zoumou.

    Wang Si Lu said, the local police station has been involved in the investigation into the incident, but investigators said the completion of a and her daughter into hiding, the investigation difficult.

    Procuratorate check forgery debt, Huadu the court divorce judgment, Ms. Lai Zoumou case hearing process, in order to hide, transfer, sale of jointly owned property, seizure of illegal disposal of seized property at the same time, frozen to forgery debt litigation fraud and deceiving the court made contrary to the fact that the effective conciliation statement. The court also pointed out that the conciliation statement there are a lot of doubt, true and false unknown sum of debt and judgment finds the sum of debt to the joint debts of husband and wife, but did not correct the error entry into force of mediation, a complaint was made to the procuratorial organs civil and administrative procuratorial departments . On August 10 this year, Huadu District People's Procuratorate made the civil and administrative prosecutions' notice, the decision to initiate the review.

    divorce, and who will repay household debt?


    the interpretation of the Supreme People's Court on the application of the Debt. But one spouse can prove that the creditor and the debtor expressly agreed personal debt, or can be shown to belong to the third paragraph of Article 19 of the Marriage Law of the circumstances specified in except.

    while the third paragraph of Article 19 of the Marriage Law provides as follows: husband and wife agreed owned by the respective, husband or wife of either the negative debt on the marital relationship continues to the property acquired during the third party is aware that the agreement to husband or wife a party to property settlement.

    even if six days later,nike dunks high, Liang-law still can not believe 16-year-old son, Chen children no longer exist.

    September 2 this year, Chen children go to school eight hours after the Liang-law received the sad news of death of the son, the hospital concluded that Yesterday, Chen Liang France, Xuzhou three children where rescue is not timely, should bear the corresponding responsibility.


    sudden bad news,Coach Satchel, the child was dead

    According to Chen Liang France, the afternoon of September 2, suddenly received a telephone parents of children students, said the children was taken to the hospital . sudden cardiac death.

    involved in the rescue of the students told Liang-law, the morning of the fourth quarter physical education courses (11:10), Chen children to the physical education teacher to reflect stomach ache badly, let Chen children, physical education teacher in the side of the rest. After lunch, the children had collapsed the rest by the students helped to seat. A few minutes later, children fainting again, the students carried to the school clinic. The infirmary Nobody Chen children were sent next door to the Office of the language group. After the teacher called 120, Chen children were sent to the First People's Hospital of Xuzhou City for emergency treatment.

    school accused of not timely rescue

    Liang-law Chen children in gym class discomfort, but the PE teacher just let him rest, after-school and no longer intervene child situation, but did not notify the parents. Noon when children fainted and sent to the school infirmary, clinic, there is not even one.

    It is understood that the September 3, 4, Chen children's relatives and Xuzhou in the officers concerned had two representations, but without result.

    third fruitless negotiations and the final

    yesterday afternoon, several leaders again negotiate Chen children's family members and Xuzhou. Reporters at the scene learned that Xuzhou in previous negotiations, opinions, Chen after children in the schools does not apply to the disposal of the schools is timely Chen children of misfortune, the school has no responsibility. But from a humanitarian point of view, the school is willing to come up with 5 million in relief funds, $ 50,000 for the difficulties grants and rescue costs, funeral expenses and other 20,000 yuan, in addition to teachers and students donated 20,000 yuan, a total of 14 million.

    14 million so-called comfort, we believe that the Second, money can not and live a life equate Chen children of the families of children in the school when in the end what happened. There should be one of the findings; the circumstances surrounding the matter, it should be published in the media; if the school has the responsibility, the responsibility of the personnel concerned should be investigated. The agreement between the parties, the representations and a half hours came to an end,Coach Handbags, the two sides have not reached a consensus.

    Express Reporter Xing Zhigang

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