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fasfvsfas (fsaasfsv3) wrote,
@ 2012-03-24 09:28:00
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    consequences of honest men reach
    The man is not bad, [url = javascript:;] women [/ url] do not love. This sentence is in reality very accurate. Although many women will be denied this and even scoffed. But in fact, a bad man's courtship is indeed more than good [url = javascript:;] men [/ url] much more effective way. The bad man is characterized by: thick-skinned, bold, good at lying, less subject to moral constraints, trick trick, in the future if given the chance to say, irresponsible. These characteristics are precisely hit the soft underbelly of the woman. Good men and bad men assume that the hardware conditions similar encounter with a woman, and the harmful effects of the bad man stronger N times.
    First of all, the man shot probability is much smaller, because we must consider the question of the responsibility before man began to pursue, chase the incomplete Italy does not conditions are not ripe, not chasing each other has been the boyfriend can not chase the future prospects are not optimistic (for example: can not recover in different cities), many restrictions. Bad men anyway, did not intend to be responsible as long as the other side is a little beauty, or tentacles can get any to chase again.
    good honest man, no money does not matter to tell the truth, be honest with the woman's shortcomings, often make a woman very disappointed. The bad man casually two stories can look superior strength; woman rhetoric is very easy for them elated, that to find a confidant of horses. In this fickle social background, the man years of hard work in exchange for the results of most not as good as a bad man with three minutes period of time for the story to make a woman heart.
    Third,puma ferrari, the good man always thinking about respect for each other, do not look for opportunities to take liberties with indecent assault. By the bad men tease, alcohol, dancing, etc. at any time to stimulate a woman's hormones, there is an opportunity to put each other for himself. Once a woman's pleasure to be mobilized, but soon fell in love with this man. The bad man a sex effect is often more than a good man silently several times to pay. Some silly woman thinks a man on her is in love with her; more silly woman that once a man on, she had to fall in love with this man. The woman's nature implies a submissive gene.
    fourth, a good man really paid their feelings very seriously, his attitude is easily unbalanced, the little things and his girlfriend quarrel. The bad man thought: Anyway, I do a [url = javascript:;] game [/ url], looking for points to stimulate nothing,Nike Air Max 2012, rock she had give birth to a gas ah? More peaceful state of mind, but appeared to be mature personality.
    Fifth, the bad man's dating experience is usually much more than a good man. Reference to the first bad man a chance to shot, even if unsuccessful has also accumulated experience, getting to know a woman's psychological. Most women do not reason, all somehow completely illogical prejudice (for example: a shoe tainted man *** live). The bad man through a lot of hands-on experience in the dating of these surfaces work done a good job, good man ignorant, was Shua do not understand why, I thought that their own lack of strength.
    Sixth, the two sides dispute the self-esteem of good men, principled, not easily accommodate each other, often for little things, no concessions, and finally broke up only. Have a thick skin and a bad man, admit you were wrong are easy porridge together, often easily be able to flatter each other to change their mind; of course, that he has not tired of the time, otherwise, even if the woman concessions he could find an excuse to break up, when a woman but repeated concessions to the completely reduced to a bad man's plaything.
    seventh, principled man, behave, often appears to be boring. The bad man bent pursuit of excitement, changing to fresh, often a woman. Unconsciously, the woman was a bad man deluded, under control.
    eighth, if the woman recognized that both sides inappropriate to put forward the initiative to break up. The good man will take honest means, the practical effect is limited; and bad men can do anything dead tied to fight abuse and coercion. Woman inert,Nike Shox R4, volatile emotions,cheap nike shoes, and easy to bow to the strong, and often could not escape the bad man Xiasan Lan means.
    : @-m,? sweet,nike air max 90, unrealistic expectations of life ([url = javascript:;] love [/ url] novels, movies to see more consequences). The consequences of honest men reach their expectations, only a liar man to concoct one of them the ideal world. This is like a regular doctor told a disease you spend a lot of money to eat a lot of drugs and, finally, is difficult to cure (the real situation is often less than ideal); quack cheat you twenty-three drugs a few days be able to get, but also There are beauty, physical, and various other effects. A lack of knowledge about health care are likely to quack when. The difference is: those patients found to be deceived by charlatans deception, most will go to each other afterwards; the satyr deceive a woman often swallow (think disgraceful, do not know, or marry a chicken with the chicken met their fate). In addition, for most women to go to bed cause a qualitative change in relations between the two. Man to possess her body there are too many advantages compared to other men (the closeness of the greatly enhanced, the other more invisible a lot of power to manipulate the woman's body and behavior,
    6} E? $ R w b3 {`A7c16385 etc.). the
    bad men can do, man why can not I? Very simple, because good men to care about morality and responsibility, scruples too. And other good men come to understand, good for others a non-Department also said not to.
    In addition, the good man never impossible as peace of mind like a liar. For the good man, you are an important part of his life, your future care. Liar to be just in front of a little boost, of course, easier to achieve set targets to cater to you. More tolerant of the shortcomings of a liar, because he only needs to tolerate a few days, a month or two; the prospect of a lifetime of good men have to plan, so must be running!

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