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fasfvsfas (fsaasfsv3) wrote,
@ 2011-12-31 20:18:00
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    army fighting an effective manner
    Zhao Yang
    operational equipment test method
    Abstract: All operations, had to use the operational equipment; unarmed, no combat equipment of the army, no fighting. And then a powerful army, if they paid the armed, will be loss of combat effectiveness. combat equipment, especially weapons, the military fighting the basis of their advanced degree directly determines the level of combat effectiveness. do not know Zhao Zhao combat equipment it is difficult to make an accurate assessment of combat, it is difficult for Zhao series of military , an accurate explanation of political activities for Zhao combat equipment, people know is the use of crossbows, Ge Mao Jian Ji, armor, shields, tanks and other cold weapons, but the ancient war with weapons as the main instruments, a wide range of up to 80 variety, there are ten types of commonly used, the try to do this sort, in order to initiate the study this issue in depth.
    Keywords: Zhao Jun; fighting apparatus; weapons; way
    where combat operations, had to use combat equipment, such as the use Daoqiangjianji , guns, bullets and other weapons (or made weapons), chariots, horses, saddles, stirrups, cars, airplanes, telephones, network and other infrastructure equipment and flags, drums duo, horn and other command and apparatus; unarmed, no combat equipment of the army, there is no fighting. and then a powerful army, if they paid the armed, will be hors de combat. fighting equipment, especially weapons is the basis for military combat, the advanced level directly determines the level of combat effectiveness. do not know Zhao combat equipment it is difficult to make accurate assessment of the fighting Zhao, Zhao series of difficult military and political activities to make an accurate explanation for Zhao combat equipment, people know is the use of crossbows, Ge Mao Jian Ji, armor, shields, tanks and other cold weapons,Canada Goose Solaris Parka, but the ancient war with weapons as the main instruments, a wide range of up to 80 kinds, there are ten types of commonly used, the How, what shape, how to use, people will not care about. I try to do this sort, in order to initiate the study this issue in depth.
    one way of fighting and with Zhao appliances
    combat equipment and combat methods, science and technology there is a close link between the level of mutual restraint, mutual promotion. technology directly determines the level of sophistication of the equipment operations, a positive correlation between the two. The higher level of technology, the operational performance of equipment the better. combat equipment and combat mode with the closely related basic equipment determines the operational modes, operational modes and determine the supporting weapons, such as, war chariots is the basis of vehicle equipment, the need for vehicle combat, will produce Ge, spear, sword, halberd, crossbow, shield, Grade A series of weapons; gas fast speed big war horse riding based instruments, in order to ride the need for war, will create a saddle, stirrups, bows and arrows, armor, sword, etc. a series of weapons; ship is water-based instruments of war, the need for water wars, will create a bow and arrow, shield, trebuchet, gunpowder, mines and a series of weapons; combat aircraft based instruments, will need to combat to create a parachute, remote guns, air to surface missiles and a series of weapons. combat in different ways, the types of combat equipment are often different, even the same species, there will be differences in the specific shape, such as, land required armored vehicles, tanks, auto, air would not; naval required warships, submarines, torpedoes, depth charges, land would not; required combat aircraft, radars, surface to air missile, land would not; cannon, though armed forces are used, but the cannon The specific shape is different. crossbows, shields, armor, swords, Gemao, although chariots, infantry and cavalry are used, but its specific shape and vary, such as crossbows Jiancu, based on warfare, combat purpose, location, etc. of different operations and to create different shapes. Warring States period, the arrowheads into arrows in vain, burnish vector, killing vector, arrowheads vector, vector Zeng, Fu-vector, vector constant vector and Bi eight, b xiaguanying combat use, also known as soldiers vector, common to offensive and defensive combat and vehicle combat the city. killing vector, arrowheads vector is used for the hunting field; Zeng vector, Fu-Yi shot birds vector is used; constant vector, vector Bi is for learning shot used. for combat equipment and combat methods, level of technology there is a close link between now and its way of fighting for Zhao equipped with apparatus to examine the situation for some.
    According to research, Zhao's arms are chariots, infantry and cavalry [1] (P339), the main form of combat fighting vehicles, infantry fighting and riding three basic forms of war and twenty-three kinds with complex patterns. is the main form of combat infantry vehicle joint operations. each series infantry fighting vehicles with 75 or more. infantry fighting vehicles deployed in the forward and the left-right, battle, when only a few hundred meters close to the time,Rayban Sunglasses, forward a points, chariot blaze across the board, followed by infantry, battle flag fluttering, rumbling drums, masi were noise, people under the piercing arrows Yang car turned, the two share large torrent violent collision with the the thrusting, stopped pecking, dodge other activities.
    King Wuling of Zhao implementation of that the cavalry did not become the main army of Zhao, Zhao army's main infantry, followed by chariots, again, is the cavalry. used for cavalry with infantry, vehicles in warfare. Mu-Hun war that is breaking the use of cavalry with the infantry, combat soldiers, the typical car wars.
    car battle tank based equipment is. chariot mainly by wood, the moisture decay, wood coated with paint, so most presents brown-black chariot. chariot The standard, ages slightly different, but the structure is divided into compartments, wheels, chassis and saddlery four parts. car is a triangular fight standing platform, supported by the chassis, the depth of 0.8-1 m, width 1.3-1.6 m, mouth open in the car, it can accommodate a Yuzhe and the two combatants. starting no armor, but the Warring States Period, some in the latter part of the installation of the Tong Jia film. compartment underneath with tall wheels, the wheels can be divided into hub, spokes and rim. front wheel diameter of about 1.24 meters. hub of the wheel center logs, decorated on both sides of the hub to share with the pressure, length up to tens of centimeters helpful to wear a hub center axis of the hole, in order to reduce wear and tear, the Western Zhou Dynasty, when oiled, the installation of the Warring States Shiyou hoops. radial spokes that connect the hub and rim, can mobilize half a wheel to be similar pressures on the rim support, strong light right again. To prevent damage and improve intensity, the number of wheel spokes from the Shang Dynasty to the Warring States continued to increase. rim wheel is divided into double, each composed of two half-circle made with copper hoop together, narrow track width to mature in the Western Zhou Dynasty. Chassis including the House and the shaft. long rod embedded in the car and the House axis, perpendicular to the axis, and the front and the harness connection axis, unlike now with the rotation of the wheels so that does not connect the wheel, but through hub, and copper to be sold on the positional relationship between the two card set, a fixed type. This isolated two-wheeled way to enhance cornering performance. in order to reduce wear and tear, axis in the Western Zhou Dynasty, when oiled, wrapped in the Warring States Shiyou hoops. axis both ends of the hair shaft with bronze, may play a role in protecting the shaft, spring and even after the evolution of drive flat spear to kill infantry, in the fast speeding, they can easily cut the infantry a two. saddlery including the balance and the yoke. balance the pole is perpendicular to the House, House, and two connected to the yoke, the middle two horses hanging back. yoke for fixed middle two horses, and pass the tension from the harness of the role of the judge, the so-called four-horse war car, it seems that only two additional two horse chariot horses only, and two horses, just a simple horse with a neck rope and tied inside the adjacent and directly tied to the chest of the leather cord axis, does not give full play to force. [2]
    tanks generally equipped with two combatants, with a bow and arrow and Gemao to be able to chisel the spines can hook Changge based. long-range with bows and arrows, with Gemao recent stroke . required four horse chariot, in two of the main House, House outside the two supplemental. Qin horses horse native to China, little rough, though hard, but little strength, speed, unhappy with the Qin and Han after incubated together inside and outside the hybrid compared Shuozhuang Don, really nothing to boast about. Qin origin of horses is divided into the Central Plains and the Northwest Qin Ma Ma two.
    to protect horses from injury in combat, often to immediately put armor its material is the skin surface painted, painted exquisite patterns burdensome and this period is mainly leather armor, is a leather pieces together, and then wear them. so a more solid, bronze weapons can block the attack is maintained.
    cavalry equipment, first with horses, followed by the use of weapons. horses need to Hu and nearly Hu northern frontier region produced good riding horse raid. Warring States era cavalry, started there is no saddle saddle blanket, until the late Warring States period, saddle saddle blanket was fully equipped. the end of the Warring States Period of the world, the cavalry has not stirrup, which is not conducive to fighting immediately So was the main weapon of the cavalry bows and arrows, long distance, or when the charge on horseback archery bow, when to rely on close combat fighting knives killing enemy weapons are dagger fighting knives and small spears. then the armor used to protect horses mm vest also emerged when the cavalry, do not use crossbows, crossbow though due to long range, hit rate, but the tension is too strong, firing slow, no bow light, and therefore inconvenient to use.
    cavalry wearing armor, But their armor and chariots, infantry armor is different, not copper or iron to do the heavy armor, but the skin do light armor. knight armor shorter, shoulders without Phi shoulder, his former A Length 55 cm, After a coat length 49 cm before the A, after a fingernail up and down the seven lines, so the eight rows, which in the armor around the hem just compiled augmented activity a piece three-row, than a coat less in a row. armor tight-fitting short, easy riding and shooting.
    Second, Zhao origins of various types of weapons, shape and function of the combined operations
    above described changes in the way of combat and Zhao with the evolution of equipment, as related to the long-range crossbow, riprap car, as close to stroke the Ge, spear, sword, halberd, knife, gun, ax, knife, hook, and as a protective shield, armor, helmet and a series of weapons, but we the type of weapons and all kinds of weapons of origins, shape and function, etc., or not quite understand. are based on historical research literature and modern people, do Textual Research on this issue.
    weapons, according to different criteria can be divided into different types. predecessors have made a thorough study, according to previous studies, weapons are the following classification:
    press material can be divided into iron weapons, bronze weapons, wooden weapons, bamboo weapons, weapons, leather, stone and bone weapons and other weapons and several types of iron weapons are swords, Ge, spears, daggers, arrowheads; copper weapons are swords, Ge, halberds, spears, daggers, arrowheads, crossbow, etc.; wooden weapons with shields, armor, bows, etc.; bamboo weapons are the bow, shaft, etc.; weapons are a leather, helmet, etc.; stone weapons are knives, axes, stone arrowheads, etc.; Bone There are animal bones or clam ground weapons arrowheads, etc..
    by function, can be divided into offensive weapons and defensive weapons into two categories. offensive weapons are bows, arrows, Ge, spears, etc.; main defensive weapons is A, helmet, dagger, etc..
    can be divided according to the nature of projectile weapons, long weapons, short weapons, soft weapons, legend, Weaponry and Shader six categories. projectile weapons are bows, crossbows, arrows, arrow, gun other; long weapon with Ge, spear, gun, stick, stick, strike, Shu, pestle, rod, stick, palladium, head, shovel, ax, ax, halberd, lance, forks, hooks, knives, large sickle, etc.; short weapons are swords, knives,cheap sunglasses, whips, White, hook, sickle, hammer, chain, scale, street, whistle stick, ring (rings), wheel etc.; soft weapon a meteor, cotton rope cable, etc.; legend, there are three sharp Weaponry two-edged sword, chunks, acupuncture needles, twisted son, daggers, mandarin ducks ax, three-section cudgel, shields, Pan Guanbi, champion pen, yin and yang, sharp, Tiechi etc.; hidden weapon has Feijian, throwing knives, darts, dart knives, plum blossom needles, flying, flying stab, thallium fly, fly catch, flying cymbals, plum Xiujian, sleeves arrows, throwing hand arrows, flowers loaded crossbow, riding crossbows, crossbow sleeve, sleeve rings, sleeves eggs, slingshot, Fei Huangshi, iron lotus, iron duck, wishful beads, meteor hammer, iron fist, dragon need to hook, rope dart, Rohan money Pentong, Long upbraid, upbraid plum, Flying Guillotine, etc. [3] (P25).
    above classification, this paper describes the inconvenience , and one of the many weapons, and no pre-Qin era, Zhao did not use weapons described in this article has appeared, and the pre-Qin era Zhao had used the weapons. so this article without previous classification, to facilitate the description, the pre-Qin era The weapons are divided into long-range weapons, weapons in recent stroke, three categories of protective weapons. On this basis, the origins of Zhao Guobing device, shape and function of the minor sort.
    (a) the origins of long-range weapons, shape and function is to attack distant
    long-range enemy weapons and weapons, Zhao's long-range weapons are used to manufacture and release of mechanical energy of projectile weapons, mostly crossbow.
    bow in ancient weapons is the most ancient one of the weapons which the flexible bow arm, and flexibility of the bowstring form, when to pull the bow string during the accumulation of power in the moment of release, it will be deducted on the arrows on the bowstring to distant targets. bow to divided into the direction of the bend and install strings, making it more flexible.
    Zhao bow type, press the Don bow and big bow six. the king bow, arc bow for the defenders and vehicle warfare; G bows, clip bows for hunting and field Yi shoot birds; Don bow, big bow for practice shooting.
    crossbow is enhanced bow and arrow, crossbow can launch Jizhi even tens of arrows, bow and arrow is more practical than the more bulky. crossbow arm from the bow and crossbow, crossbow three parts: cross bow crossbow arm mounted on the front end, installed crossbow crossbow arm back. crossbow bow arm for Cheng, support string, and for users who care; crossbow string for the button, transmitting using, it will be open to crossbow string fastened to arm crossbow arrows placed the vector channel, the target and then flip crossbow, bow rebound, shoot arrows that. crossbow is equipped with a visible control device, you can delay launch of the bow because of the delay firing crossbow is, so the sheets Arrow and vertical chord chord throw loaded into two separate actions, without aiming at the same time-string, which is more conducive to capture shooting time, shooting the bow somewhat higher than the addition and the bow-string only with different arm , crossbow also can make use of other than the power to arm-string, so the strength of the bow than large, and thus to achieve longer range than the bow Zhao crossbow of the species, from the crossbow, crossbow G, Tang and large crossbow crossbow four, called the Crossbow crossbow is a large, longer range, but the emission is slow, typically used for vehicle combat and field (Zhang called the break crossbow, which rely on arm strength-string of the crossbow. crossbow another sheet called kick, with feet on the pedal pull string of the crossbow.
    crossbow shot itself can not people who are really shooting crossbow shoot arrows. ancients used for crossbow arrow called a vector for the vain, burnish vector, killing vector, arrowheads vector, vector Zeng, Fu-vector, vector constant vector and Bi eight, vector, constant vector used for the bow, scour arrows, arrowheads vector, Fu-vector, Bi vector used for the crossbow. vain vector, scour vector is used for fighting, also known as soldiers vector, common in the city of offensive and defensive combat and vehicles war. killing vector, arrowheads vector is used for the hunting field; Zeng vector, Fu-Yi vector is used to shoot birds; constant vector, Bi vector is used for shooting practice. Zhao Jiancu mostly bronze arrowheads, shape more , Zhao wings more common type of early and late common three prism. wings type 镞, arrowheads protruding middle part of the body known as the ridge, called the left and right wing, also known as leaves. sharp outer edge of wing, known as the blade, clustered into Zu edged forward end, which is forward. wings for multi-barb-like extension, otherwise known as front after front office connected with the ridge known as the. ridge elongation of the lower end of the stick is called a round collar, spinal collar connection is called off. three-wing 镞, arrowheads ridge round the body with three wings, spaced 120 degrees, that there are three edges. about before seen such Zu partial early spring, popular in the late Spring and Autumn Warring States period. Tri-Zu , arrowheads body into a triangle, no foreign stretch of wing, edge to edge ridge three, revealing the next ridge. Zhao with the vassal state of the battle, that the Zu solid body, arrowheads front sharp, penetrating power, etc., and because of Zu similar streamlined body, so the arrow flight resistance, good direction, shot out after ensuring the stability and accuracy, but also has a strong destruction performance, so to the late Zhao, Tri advantage to gradually replace its copper Zu various copper arrowheads, arrowheads become the main shape [4].
    crossbow in the Zhao army has been widely used, its traditional infantry , chariots, are equipped with crossbow. where tackling, defensive E, risk war, had laid an ambush, break stalemate, much fighting, they all control the bow, crossbow infantry in a prominent position.
    (b) near stroke the origins of weapons, shape and function of a wide range of weapons
    recent stroke, Zhao has been applied mainly Ge, spears, beryllium, halberds, swords, knives, daggers, etc. are its origins, shape and function to be introduced one by one.
    1, gogo, is the pre-Qin era and pecking for the hook hit kill cold weapons, the army was an essential weapon, the rifle and now, like every soldier must be equipped. because it is in ancient China the most widely used weapons, and war, so all characters inside the word about not missing usually about 1 m, the longest more than 3 meters. Ge, Xia had emerged, popular in the Shang Dynasty to the Warring States period. Ge's easy to fall off the head, due to the slow swing and attack, and stroke direction of the Ministry of the problem is also easier because the resistance break, push the sharp thorns but not too smart, in the end the only irreplaceable value or pecking. Ge, mainly by the use of chariots, because of its inconvenient to use, lethal poor, with the decline of tanks, infantry out of the largest side threat, Ge gradually be eliminated, to the late Western Han Dynasty has disappeared, but the army is always equipped with Ge Zhao, and Zhao is the most common weapons.
    2, spear spear for piercing is ancient, tie pick fighting the cold steel by spearhead and shaft components. spearhead multi-purpose bronze, steel and other metal production, shaft and more wood, bamboo and rattan and other production, is also useful metals. spear length is usually 1.8-2.7 m, and some up to 4 meters. spearhead general length of 40 cm, some more than 80 cm as the spearhead of the early stone or animal bones, with the emergence of scientific and technological development bronze and iron spearhead. ancient chariots, are equipped with Ge, often also equipment 1 - 2 spears for a rainy day, but the spear but still can not replace the Ge position, but is killer to fill the gap.
    3, beryllium beryllium, a sword and spear with the shape and function are similar to the assassination weapon. not loaded handle beryllium, beryllium is the first and the sword is similar to about 30 cm, it had previously been mistaken for the beryllium dagger. fitted with long-handled spear similar to beryllium, the main difference in the handle different methods of installation, beryllium beryllium stem is inserted wooden handles, while the spear is a spear hole is satisfied wooden handle. beryllium with about 3 meters of the handle. complete beryllium, first, lattice, wood will,, upsetting complete, usually up to 3.5 meters, the hands should hold the infantry before the spines of a long weapon, should not be some scholars believe that the cavalry battle near stroke weapons immediately, because so long as weapons are not used immediately around with a sword slash at smb convenience.
    4, halberd halberd, spear, and ancient Chinese Ge attack can be combined into one fighting with cold steel by halberd halberd head and handle components. halberd head with metal materials, halberd handle for the wood, bamboo. halberd up to 3 meters. both piercing, bar-pick, but also hook, pecking, infantry, cavalry weapon used by Early bronze halberd halberd used, with the later development of science and technology there Tieji. initial Ge Ji Ji are single, to the Warring States period, due to the needs of war, there was more Ge Ji, such as double Ge Ji, three Ge Ji, etc. The real killer feature is a soldiers, for the pole single halberd and glandulifera Shuangji. halberd, spear because both Ge and the usefulness of two kinds of weapons, so gradually in the military equipment inside, basically replacing the Ge and spear into the Warring States period of military inside, each soldier must be equipped with standard weapons.
    5, Jian Jian, is the ancient Chinese hacking for close combat and assassination of Jian Ren cold steel. sub-blade and hilt of two parts, slender blade, both sides of the blade, the top tip from front. hilt is short, easy to grip. often with a sword scabbard. the sword of this weapon, the first to be developed in the South, Spring and Autumn Period, is also gradually spread north, especially to the late Warring States period, infantry and cavalry of the field appears, the sword is also prevalent in the north, and become an integral standing army weapons. sword has been said by the Health and Sports weapons and symbols of identity development as an important weapon for close combat fighting one . Zhao generally equipped with swords, knives at close range killing weapon Zhao cavalry, long distance, or when the charge on horseback archery bow, when close combat weapons such as knives and sword fighting by killing the enemy.
    6, knife knife, is the ancient Chinese used to cut and chop the man at close range fighting cold steel by the blade and holder of two parts. blade narrow, thin blade ridge thickness. shank or long or short its there are many different sword, broadsword and knife ring first, the ancient Chinese military equipment is the main weapon. early as knives, and later developed into bronze knives, iron knives and blades. the difference between the knife and the sword just a single blade, double-edged in others, manufacturing processes are similar, are the first in the south of Wu and Yue, Chu beneficial use of these swords vassal state gradually developed, and then extended to the north. knife and sword after the pre-Qin era and Han, Jung went through a bad turn in the process. before the rise of cavalry, the use of the sword is very common, the rise of the cavalry sword exposed the shortcomings of inconvenience Cleave, Cleave techniques to get attention, knives became popular, but the sword still in the Warring States Period transition, of sword to easy hacking direction, but the knife is not high usage until the Han Dynasty, riding in the war with the Huns, the knife began to flourish, and continued until the Tang Dynasty, with a long-lasting, but it should be noted that, although the sword All the necessary military weapons, but actual combat is not prominent in the position we all know, on the battlefield, and the first to use the most handy, not swords, but such a long bow and arrow and spear weapons, not to mention the soldiers are wearing armor , which greatly weakened the power of the sword usually unique and therefore, on the battlefield, the sword only as a non-offensive defense weapons to equip the army.
    7, dagger
    dagger, a short like the sword of cold steel, shaped like a sword without, and a long sword by the blade and holder of two parts. 20-30 cm long, with single-and double-edged blade of the points. dagger short and easy possession, the army has been used since ancient times one of cold steel. dagger, there very early, primitive stone dagger had emerged. Shang and Zhou bronze or steel manufacturing changed since, for close combat self-defense purposes. also in the blades were to poison, stab, and that person can be fatal. dagger, is standing Zhao weapons, regardless of the chariots, infantry, cavalry, daggers are equipped with self-defense.
    (c) the protective arms of the origins, shape and function
    operations, in order from harm also need to equip protective weapons. protective shield main weapons, armor, helmet (helmet).
    1, shield shield is a hand to block enemy attacks, protect weapons. material as leather, wood, rattan or metal etc. The surface layers of leather with Mongolia, there are many nails or screws used to increase strength, especially parts of a more solid grip. shields painted strange ghosts, mythical beasts, to intimidate the enemy, to boost morale. shield can withstand a direct enemy weapons attack, which causes the body to be protected. In addition to gas and other chemical weapons, it is a very effective protective gear. emitters of flame, rockets and other firearms have a certain effect of defense due to the construction of a simple shield, protective capacity is high, so the competition has its own force, there have been such a protective shield tool.
    shield, there are two types of square and round the former are mostly large, which is a small form. large shield height of about 1 m, a width of 60-80 cm. small shield height of about 60 cm width 40 cm square with hand shield, dovetail cards, push cards and other shapes, mainly for infantry use among a large shield, as well as to as infantry next to the card as a shield with a fixed ground backbone. manoeuvering alongside these large shield, which can effectively resist the enemy's assault. round shield, also known as group brand. because of its small and flexible,sunglasses sale, and more for the cavalry, but infantry also used. Group brand on the left hand grip, blocking enemy arrows shot. and square shield compared to its defense smaller, so the defense force, as a square shield. Spring and Autumn when the shield, are close to a rectangular shape, divided into step with the and the vehicle, step length and a large shield, which will help prevent arrows and maintain arrays; car shield short and narrow, which will help the car to use. protection is the biggest threat to stab, stab strength enough to attack from the point of gathering up hundreds of kilograms of pressure, is the sword hacking can not match, so when the Warring States, for close combat double-curved sides of the shield on the flourish convex shape of the vertical center line, will help break the power of thorns, but the scope and direction of the defense shield limited, and must be a hand, a shield in one hand and weapons, so that action blocked, this is the shield of the deficiencies. Zhao, whether the chariots, infantry, cavalry, are equipped with shields.
    2, armor
    armor of ancient Chinese military officers and men wore protective weapons. consists of three parts: a body, a skirt and a sleeve, a skirt and a sleeve can be up and down the stretch, easy operation, initially rattan wood and leather materials, after With scientific and technological development, there has been bronze and iron armor, can effectively defend against bronze and iron weapons attacks. armor material is best to use leather. leather armor using age-old, even if the subsequent emergence of metal armor, but Because Leather lightweight, inexpensive, so is still widely used, according to historical records, Zhao's chariots, infantry, cavalry, are equipped with A, both Leather, there are metal armor, metal armor than Leather, experience a shift from heavy and light. needs, and more lightly armed armor. cavalry wearing Hu Fu, although the armor but the waist tunic, leggings, boots readily available.
    3, helmet (Helm)
    helmet (helmet), with the ancient soldiers to protect the head of the outfit, its shaped like a hat, and some top of the tube can be inserted silk tassels or feathers. originally called the helmet, the latter also known as helmet, pocket iron pot, etc. As the helmet often combined with the protection of the body armor, so The helmet, also mostly bronze helmet and iron helmet is also unusual. Qin and Han dynasties was mainly to iron helmet.
    Third, the origins of the command apparatus, shape and function
    march battle, no command can not. Command operations, you need to have command equipment, otherwise,Oakley Sports sunglasses, it can not coordinate the army, unified enemy, resulting in the military pace disorder or manslaughter has been, friendly. pilot with the drums, and flags duo The ancient art of war, said the military is relying on drum and Ming Jin to direct operations. drums, forward; Ming Jin, withdraw troops.
    drums, ancient and modern little change in its shape, the skin above the convex cylinder, the drums, disc drums and drum composition. drums Wood-produced material more rigid the better. more hard wood, sound better. can be used for drums of wood species are maple, birch, beech, poplar, Qin wood and mahogany. drumhead made of leather production, leather is better. vertebra is drum percussion sound of drums and their two small sticks, made of hardwood. prevertebral thin after the coarse drum, front-end for the ball. knocking off the previous ball when contact with drum.
    Duo, sound can shake hit. tongue, copper, wood two, who said Jinduo copper tongue, who said the wooden tongue wooden Tudor. historical records: period of cultural propaganda. Ancient Shixing Zheng teach and spread the word order is often used to shock vibration woo the public. Jinduo, is the commander of the tools of war, the ancient war novel, the word often withdraw troops Ming Jin. Ming Jin, Ming duo that is the big shake bell. Zhao, directing operations, will use Jinduo, Ming Jin to withdraw troops.
    flags, past and present little change in shape, is a piece of cloth hanging in the high pole. face more red flags, many painted patterns. ancient warfare, communications inconvenience. to coordinate military action, only with the Ku flags. night multi-Ku, multi-day battle flags in the operational command, and to the late Western Zhou Dynasty in the late Ku flags have been used. by The ancient art of war not see, so the use of flags command, unified command, unified action in general, operational command of multi-night fire and drums, multi-day operational command flags. why change command signal,Burberry Sunglasses, is the ability to adapt to people's audiovisual Army Ku flags with the command, so that action into line, the brave soldiers would not move forward alone, can not separate the cowardly retreat, which is commanding a large army fighting an effective manner. Zhao operations, but also command a battle with the Ku flags.
    [1] Shen Chang-yun, Wei Zhen, white country red. Zhao History of the [M]. Beijing: Zhonghua Book Company, 2000.
    [2] years of the military forum China really cold weapons chariot Figure [EB].
    [3] Weizhen Fu, Tian Zhaolin, Zhang wake up, etc. b Volume of China's military history weapons [M]. Beijing: Liberation must Press 1983.
    [4] ancient military information. Chinese crossbow test [EB]. http://
    [5] Liu Xiang (Chinese). Warring [M]. Shanghai: Shanghai Ancient Books Publishing House, 1988.
    [6] Sima Qian (Chinese .) Records of the Historian b Zhao family [M]. Beijing: Zhonghua Book Company, 1976.
    [7] Xin Yanhuai, Hong Xiang Ge Zhao Cultural Studies [M]. Baoding: Hebei University Press, 2003.
    [8] Hou Tingsheng , Liu Dongguang Zhao culture on the set [M]. Wuhan: Chongwen Bookstore, 2006.
    [author] Yang, Britain and France (1965m), male, flat Hermit Hebei, Hebei University of Engineering Associate Professor Department of Social Sciences, Research philosophy, economy science, history. was in the vitality Research

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