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Froolie (froolie06) wrote,
@ 2004-09-29 16:44:00
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    Current mood: chipper
    Current music:When can i see you again-Babyface

    ...i hear what you're saying, but i swear, its not making sense....
    So again..its been a while. Sorry. FEFFULA CAME HOME FRIDAY!!!!!!!! And Ashley came back with her, and so then we took her to Clio to meet her grandma and then Feffula and me went to Mcdonalds and then we went and saw Lanelle! And then i went to the parade, that was mayeb not. But then the game, i screwed up, so that kinda sucked, but whatever. So then we were up in the stands, but i had to go pee, so i went down there and i saw Victor, Knop, Diane, Ricco, David, and Mune-so i talked to them for a little bit and then yea, halftime there were fireworks and it was sad cause i was thinking about how i wanted someone there...but i have no one so that didnt happen. And it was kinda sad, but then the rest of the game, i just walked around and i talked to Victor some of the time, and then was justkinda like yea. Ok, so the dance...whooooo....just wow. It was pretty fun. I danced with David,that was fun...-he's a good dancer. But....then they decided they needed to play BURN that was so bad and i really didnt like that, and then Knop came up and started dancing with me to it, and i just wanted to cry and it just yea. So yea, i dunno, it was lots of fun though-i love dancing!!!! But the dj handed me the mic so i got to sing!!!! It was awesome!!! It made me smile! Then yea, the rest of the dance....yea...And so yea....then i came home, and then next morning, i got up and went to the retreat. That was lots of fun-all cause of Carlot and Jill-i love them!!! They're awesome! And we jsut had some fun times. and...i saw Tyler-a guy i know from cc and i talked to him for a while and he was really nice. And ive been talking to him online, so thats cool. And let's then i came home, and school Monday was pretty good, school yesterday was pretty good. And the meet yesterday-OMG!!! I LOVED it, it smelled like fall and it was cold and it was just th ebest!!! And i ran 23.54 which is a good time for me this year and so i was excited. Then we stopped at Taco Bell o the way home, mmmm....and then i came home, and talked to Tyler, and did some homework and went to bed. And then today, ig ot up, went to school-i was super dizzy and lightheaded and it wasnt cool. And then i went to practice...and that was fun! And so just yea...o0o0o-for colorguard-we're back to original 5!!! I am SO excited. That makes me so happy cause we did so much complicated stuff today and it's just yay! That makes me really happy. But..ive got lots of tests tomorrow that i need to study for, so im gonna go do that-


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