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Froggirl_42 (froggirl42) wrote,
@ 2004-04-13 13:12:00
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    Current mood: sleepy
    Current music:sarah mclachlan's train wreck

    well, i made it back to eville safely.

    yesterday was nice. i unpacked and hung out with Laura and Doug. work was really slow last night, so that wasn't stressful. plus, it was Paul, Narissa, Dave, and me. it's difficult for it not to be fun/interesting then. we are now selling bratwurst if anyone is interested. they are yummy!

    it's so icky out today. what happened to spring? *sigh* it's supposed to be better tomorrow. i'm hoping so, because for leadership academy we're having an ice cream social/info session in the plaza.

    oh! i'm excited, because i think i'm going to get to go to formal. Unfortunately, Kelli is going to be out of town and will not get to go with Bender... so i may (and hope) i'll get to go with him. that would be SOOO much FUN!!! i'd get to go with one of my best friends, and we'd get to have a big, fun thing to do together before graduation. yeah, it just sounds like a lot of fun. i hope it happens. :)

    well, nothing all too out of the ordinary occuring today. i work tonight. i think i'm going to cut Doug's hair. he REALLY needs it. that should be an adventure.

    i'll leave you all with some funny dialogue from yesterday to help ease the ickiness of today's weather. hope you laugh as much as i did. (granted, maybe you had to be there...)
    "well, you could just prove that women turn you on."
    "um... i'm not comfortable taking off my pants in front of the two of you"

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