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Froggirl_42 (froggirl42) wrote,
@ 2004-04-20 02:05:00
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    Current mood:getting sleepy
    Current music:two beds and a coffee machine by savage garden

    lots of random stuff
    i should be doing so many other things, but for now, i will continuing procrastinating.

    Laura allowed me to co-star in a scene with Jamie for her video productions class. it was a group project, so her and 2 classmates worked on it: set up sound, lights, and cameras. it was SO much fun. Jamie and i did the airplane scene from when harry met sally. it was Great.... i got to be all sarcastic/dry. :) i can't wait to see it! well, sort of. i'm not a big fan of seeing myself on screen, so...

    as of friday, Jessie and i officially have an apt! we signed our lease, so it's in our names now. i literally have the key to the next step in my life. it's both really exciting and scary. we're now working on furniture and all that fun stuff. since we are rent free until june, we aren't in a huge rush to move in or anything. Jessie did bring her kitty down to hang out there, though. Brigs is SO CUTE!!! poor guy; he's there all alone. we've been visiting him regularly and seems to be doing fine. yeah, i love him already.

    the pie (ok, ready whip) tossing (or pie smooshing as it became because of the strong wind) booth for uela went well. i had kind of jokingly commented to Jeff Werner that he should come sit in the sticky seat for a while. MUCH to my surprise, he actually showed up at the uela booth ready for the chair. IT WAS SO AWESOME!!!

    the booth was a lot of fun despite the mess i had all over me. i was so sticky. ready whip is so yummy, though. chocolate ready whip is also quite good but is stickier and stains. amazingly, ready whip is easier to get out of my hair than i expected. i was glad. it was a fun experience and got our name out there, so that was good. :)

    as you may have noticed, it's been being quite warm out! yea! however, this is Not good if you work in a place with a large convention oven. it's SOOO hot in panelli's. it's crazy. because of this, sunday i decided i should invest in some cheap kacky shorts but didn't have much time to find any. instead i found a cheap really comfy skort. since i work with almost all guys, i knew something would be said, particularly because it was a snug skirt and not overly long. however, i decided it was too hot in there to be concerned about that. well, i provided the comedy for the evening. there were some comments made obviously. it was actually quite hysterical: there's nothing quite like hearing the owner rap 'baby got back.' i laughed. a lot.
    in fact, it was actually kind of nice to get some male attention. it had been a while, and although i don't want extreme attention (plus, i'd never get it IF i did), every once in a while it's nice to know that the opposite sex finds you attractive.
    a former employee did come into the store and seemed to take it a bit far. it was just verbal stuff, but there's just something about him that doesn't make me feel at ease around him anyway. he just made me very uncomfortable about the whole thing.
    needless to say, the skirt was a one time thing, and i plan on finding actual shorts before i work next. the skirt is really comfy. i'll probalby lounge in it or wear it to bars. ;) :-p

    tonight was the leadership academy banquet. IT WAS GREAT!!! i've never been so proud of us. the acropolis is WONDERFUL! we had so much food. it was great to see everyone. i had just just hanging out with all of them. i love that! my uela crew is some great people! the banquet went off without a hitch. i was able to impromptu a nice little speech and get all the gifts ready in time... complete with personal cards. adco LOVED the little nerf guns i got them. (i included a little cheesy thing with it saying, 'aim high and you will always hit your target.' it's me. you know you were expecting something like that) yeah, it was just a great night. the food was and the restaurant beautiful. i look forward to going back.

    i ran into Paul on his way home while walking over to the uela office, so we chatted for a while. always interesting. on many levels he views things so differently from me, which makes talking to him always a surprise. fun times.

    just a reminder: tuesday night special... one large one topping for $4.99. carry out only. you know you want to. 476-8646.

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